Below is a full convention calendar listing every game convention in Canada for the coming months. If we are missing any conventions, please use our Game Convention Submission Form. You may also press ‘Ctrl+D’ to book mark this page for future reference.

You may note that some of the conventions towards the bottom of the list have ?-month as their start date. ? – denotes that the exact dates for next year haven’t been released as of yet (but will be updated when the dates are released). The month is the month the previous year’s convention began in.

Conventions that span multiple months (i.e. start on the 30th of one month and end on the 1st of the following month) will be listed under the month of their start date.


August 2014

7 August – 10 August


Leduc, AB T9E 3C3, Canada (Edmonton area)

Video Game Convention.

28 August – 31 August

Fan Expo Canada

Toronto, Canada

Considered to be the ComicCon of Canada. Over 600 vendors, video game tournaments, table top gaming (board games, card games, role playing games, etc) costumes, panels, comics, celebrities, artists and more!

28 August – 31 August


Halifax, NS, Canada

Video game convention. From the organizers: Ever wonder what goes into making a video game? Well the idea behind this convention is to have, in addition to some pretty sweet gaming rooms, information/speakers/vendors covering all aspects on what goes into making video games in addition to whoever we can get from some of your favourite ones.

? August – ? August

Astronomi-con Vancouver

Vancouver, Canada

Multi-city Warhammer Tournament (Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver and Dallas, TX).

September 2014

5 September – 7 September


St. Albert, Alberta, Canada T8N 5Z1 (Edmonton area)

Gaming convention. From their website: Since 2000, a weekend of geek madness dubbed Gamealot has been run at Mission: Fun and Games. It starts Friday about 6pm, and runs until about Sunday 6pm. Gamealot is many things: a fund raiser for the food bank, a weekend of great camaraderie for gaming geeks, a chance to learn new games, and a good chance to win some prizes!

5 September – 7 September

Impossible Realities

Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

Annual gaming convention run by volunteers and promoting family oriented entertainment through miniature tabletop games, collectible card games, board games, fantasy role-playing games and live action games. The con also offers a ‘Mosh Pit’ – a wide variety of board games available for pickup games (open gaming) through out the convention.

6 September – 7 September

Annual Field Marshal Gaming Convention

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada (northeast of Toronto)

From the organizers: Games of all genres, from board games, card games and strategy games to miniature gaming.

10 September – 12 September (Wed – Fri)

External Development Summit (XDS)

Vancouver, BC

From the organizers: Professionals-only video games industry event with a primary focus on external development for art, animation and software engineering. The program is targeted at industry professionals involved in outsourcing (external development), service providers, and technology providers and offers a platform that promotes cooperative advancement of external development practices for the games industry.

19 September – 21 September


Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

From the organizers: Saskatoon’s board, card, and miniature games convention held annually in September; blends a mixture of old and new games.

27 September – 28 September

Unplugged Expo

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Geek culture convention. From the organizers: Unplugged is an event where like-minded people can gather to express themselves. Cosplay artists, comic book writers and illustrators, independent game developers, fans of Science Fiction, movies, anime and manga. All are welcome to discuss, indulge, and exchange ideas in a weekend of fun!

27 September – 28 September

Game Summit

Gatineau, QC, J8X 4H4 (Ottawa, ON area)

Games con open to table top games of all kinds.

27 September – 28 September


Peterborough, Ontario, Canada (far northeast of Toronto)

Sci Fi and Fantasy role playing convention. (Offers a spring convention as well.

? September – ? September


Winnipeg, MB, Canada

From their website: Winnipeg’s Model Hobby and Gaming convention. Featuring Historical, Fantasy and Sci-fi Miniature games, Board Games and Card Games. Dealers tables, Display Tables, and Full restaurant and Bar located on the premises.

October 2014

3 October – 5 October


Calgary, AB

Board game and tabletop miniatures game convention

3 October – 5 October


Vancouver, Canada

From the organizers: We do boardgames, Xbox, ccg and a smaller amount of RPG stuff. We also run panels on game design, and often chat about games with a SCI-FI bend (like Mass Effect). It’s a general interest con, so we do everything from SF & Fantasy to horror and anime. Media, games, books, etc. This year the theme is post-apocalypse. Attendance is about 800 people, and there’s 6500 sqft of gaming space that’s open 24/7. Also a by-donation bar and snacks and food in an upstairs lobby.

3 October – 5 October


Guelph, Ontario, Canada (Toronto area)

From the organizers: A celebration of geek culture in Action, Fantasy, Horror, and Science Fiction. We offer video games, rpg’s, card and table top games, a dealers room, panels, workshops, cosplay and so much more.

17 October – 19 October


Oshawa, Ontario L1J 5Y6 (northeast of Toronto)

Board game, card game, war game convention.

31 October – 2 November

Central Canada Comic Con – C4

Winnipeg, MB R3C 3J3

Central Canada’s Comic Con with free gaming all weekend.

November 2014

7 November – 9 November


Surrey, BC (Vancouver area)

North Shore Wargaming Society’s sixth annual board game convention.

7 November – 9 November


Halifax, Nova Scotia (NS), Canada

SciFi, Fantasy, Comic and Game Convention.

From the organizers: This year, Hal-Con is taking gaming to a whole new level. We will ruling the roost on the third floor of the World Trade and Convention Centre, increasing our floor space to 8,500 square feet.

Whether you’re into board games, card games, RPGs or just want to throw down in a Mario Kart battle, we have something for everyone.

14 November – 16 November


Winnipeg, MB, Canada

From the organizers: JimCon is a tabletop gaming convention, pure and simple. It was born out of our love of games and the joy we get from socializing and getting people together to play and have fun. We see this as an opportunity for anyone who has ever wondered, “What new game should I buy?” but did not buy it because they were unsure they would like it. With our library of over 300 games to choose from, anyone is sure to find a game they want to try and be able to find someone who will play it with them. We want to provide an avenue for avid gamers to show newcomers how much fun gaming can be, and to introduce gamers of all stripes and experience to our large, diverse, and friendly gaming community here in Winnipeg.

14 November – 16 November

Pure Speculation

Edmonton, AB, Canada

SciFi and Fantasy festival in Edmonton, Canada. Has panels, merchants, costumes, authors, games and more.

21 November – 23 November


Hull, Gatineau, Quebec, Canada (Ottawa, ON area)

Board game convention in Quebec.

23 November

Project Play

London, Ontario, Canada

Annual play convention featuring video / computer, card, tabletop and board gamers, anime fans, building block enthusiasts, cosplayers, crafters, artists and so much more. Convention is also a fundraiser for a number of local charities.

? November – ? November


Hamilton, Ontario (Toronto area)

Games convention. From their website: Enjoy all you can play roleplaying games, board games, LARPs, tournaments, featured designer events and more. [Now to stop singing, “Stop! . . . HammerCon!” over and over in my head!]

? November – ? November

N2U Anime and Gaming Convention

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Anime and gaming convention.

? November – ? November

Arkham Nights

Toronto, ON

Gaming convention dedicated to celebrating games of Lovecraftian horror including Eldritch Horror, Arkham Horror, Elder Sign, Mansions of Madness, and Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game all weekend long.

December 2014


January 2015

? January – ? January


Western University, 1151 Richmond Street, London, Ontario, N6A 3K7, Canada (between Detroit, MI and Toronto, ON)

Annual gamer convention hosted by the Western University Association of Role Players (WARP).

February 2015

7 February – 8 February

Terminal City Tabletop Convention

Burnaby, BC, Canada (Vancouver area)

Tabletop gaming convention featuring over 5000 square feet of gaming space, board games, role playing games, CCG and TCG, a silent auction, tournaments and more.

27 February – 1 March


Victoria, BC (Vancouver Island, between Vancouver, BC and Seattle, WA)

From the organizers: GottaCon is a three-day broad spectrum gaming convention that is held annually in Victoria, British Columbia. GottaCon celebrates the science fiction and fantasy genres, covers many related hobbies and offers a one stop experience for the fans and enthusiasts of those genres including: free-play and tournaments in board games, collectible/non-collectible miniatures, collectible trading cards, role-playing games, and electronic gaming as well as demonstrations, contests, information sessions, workshops, and a variety of exhibitors. Our goal is to deliver a high quality and exciting environment that will establish GottaCon as an annual destination that participants will return to for years to come.

? February – ? February


Winnipeg, MB, Canada

From their website: Winnipeg’s Model Hobby and Gaming convention. Featuring Historical, Fantasy and Sci-fi Miniature games, Board Games and Card Games. Dealers tables, Display Tables, and Full restaurant and Bar located on the premises.

? February – ? February


University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario N1G 2W1 (Toronto area)

Game Convention at the University of Guelph.

March 2015

? March – ? March


Stratford, ON, Canada

Miniature games convention. From the organizers: We offer 50+ miniature gaming events covering all scales and genres. SF, fantasy, historical, land, sea and air, micro scale to 54mm. There is usually a 15mm DBA tournament. There are traditional big battle ancient and Napoleonic games, plus VSF and Pulp skirmishes.

? March – ? March

Jeux au Boute

Chertsey, Quebec, Canada (north of Montreal)

Unknown. Official site is entirely in French.

? March – ? March

Phantasm: Gamer’s Equinox

Peterborough, ON, Canada (far NE of Toronto)

Phantasm’s spring gaming convention with RPGs, Boardgames, and Mini games.

April 2015

3 April – 5 April

Fan Expo Vancouver

Vancouver, Canada

The west coast version of Fan Expo Canada complete with anime, manga, comics, SciFi, gaming and more.

? April – ? April

Trumpeter Salute

Burnaby, BC, Canada (Vancouver area)

Miniature and board game convention.

? April – ? April

Astronomi-con Winnipeg

Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Multi-city Warhammer Tournament (Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver and Dallas, TX).

? April

Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo

New Westminster, BC, Canada (Vancouver area)

Video game convention focusing on retro video games and including vendors, gaming, tournaments, panels, costumes, old-school music, live bands, special guests and some gaming themed

May 2015

14 May – 16 May


Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 0B8, Canada

Science Fiction and Fantasy literary convention that now also hosts gaming, larping and cosplay.

? May – ? May


Regina, Saskatchewan (SK) S4P 0W3

From the organizers: FRAGCon has been a gathering place for central Canadian gamers for the past eight years. This game convention draws over 180 participants with increasing numbers each year. The convention provides events covering a wide range of gaming pursuits; Designer Board Games, Role Playing Games (RPGs), Live Action Role Playing Games (LARPs), Collectible Card Games (CCGs) and miniature games (Warhammer, HeroClix, Star Wars, Dungeon and Dragons and others). For more information about FRAGCon and the Flatlands Regional Association of Gamers, please visit the convention page.

? May – ? May


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Games convention with Board Games, Miniatures (both Historical and SciFi/Fantasy), and Role Playing Games.

? May – ? May (Sat – Mon)

SuperFan ComicCon

Toronto, Ontario

Cosplay/Comic convention with a video game arcade. From the organizers: Come out and celebrate this new fan-based SuperFan ComicCon convention and join fans as they celebrate their passions and embrace their personalities as fans, geeks, nerds, cosplayers, video gamers and more. Fans will have the opportunity to come dressed as some ‘one’ or some ‘thing’, and join a community of others alike. Those who attend the show will get the chance to participate in seminars and mini events, and meet their own celebrity superheroes.

? May – ? May

Sci-Fi on the Rock

St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada

Sci-Fi and Fantasy convention with some gaming in Newfoundland, Canada.

June 2015

? June – ? June


Brandon, MB, Canada

From their website: Every year we host a weekend-long game convention; a veritable festival of games, tournaments, workshops, contests, and prizes. We have events to satisfy every gaming appetite, including board games, card games, miniatures games and role-playing games. We have events suited to all gamers aged 10 and up.

? June – ? June


Fredericton, NB, Canada

Anime and Gaming Convention. From the organizers: Animaritime is a trademark of The Society for Atlantic Fan Culture which is a non-profit organization who has donated their profits to the IWK Health Center Foundation in past years. We are a family friendly event which caterers to all ages and hosts a multitude of events surrounding the gaming and anime culture.

? June

Stage Select Gaming Expo

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Annual gaming event featuring arcade games, video game developers, tournaments, panels, workshops, live music, table top gaming, LARPing, cosplay and more.

? June

[CANCELLED FOR 2014] Underground Con

Calgary, AB Canada

From the organizers: Calgary’s Grassroots gaming convention. We exist to build up the gaming community in Calgary and to remind people why they started gaming in the first place.

July 2015

? July – ? July


Hamilton, ON, Canada (Toronto area)

Convention with electronic gaming, traditional gaming, live events, a game show, panels, workshops, screenings, cosplay, a masquerade, a dance party and more.

? July

Astronomi-con Toronto

Toronto, Canada

Multi-city Warhammer Tournament (Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver and Dallas, TX)