Great Lakes (IL, IN, MI, OH, WI)


Here is the full gaming convention list for Great Lakes region in the coming months. If any conventions are missing, please submit them to our calendar using our Game Con Submission Form.

You should see some of the cons towards the bottom of the list have ?-month as their start date. ? – signifies that the exact dates for this con haven’t been posted yet and they will be updated when they are. The month is the month from last year’s convention. Cons that straddle two months (ex: start on the 30th of one month and end on the 1st of the following month) will appear under the month of their start date.


October 2014

3 October – 5 October


Oak Creek, WI (Milwaukee area)

Naval gaming convention.

11 October – 12 October

NEWGame (Northeast Wisconsin Gameapalooza)

Oshkosh, WI

Annual games convention started after OshCon announced they were disbanding. Run by the Polyhedral Underground gaming club.

16 October – 19 October

Con on the Cob

Hudson, OH (between Akron and Cleveland)

Four day celebration of games, art and fun. Includes board games, RPGs, card games, computer games, console games, art, parties, guests and more!

17 October – 19 October

Dan’s Con of the Vale

Brookfield, WI (Milwaukee area)

Cold Iron Conventions’ fall gaming con. (See also Conflagration [winter] and Milwaukee Summer Revel [summer].)

24 October – 26 October


Bloomington, IL (Peoria area)

Gamers for Life’s three day game con to benefit the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life

24 October – 26 October

Ohio Game Developer Expo

Columbus, OH

Annual game developer expo bringing together programmers, designers, artists, musicians, business people, players and more to learn about game development, share what they are working on, and connect with professionals and gamers.

? October – ? October

Let’s Play Green Bay

Green Bay, WI

Game Convention. From their website: Let’s Play Green Bay offers the entire family tabletop games – ranging from family, adult, children’s and parlor games, as well as strategy, adventure, fantasy, science fiction games, miniatures and role-playing. Classics such as Chess, Go, Backgammon and Bunco will also be present with great European games like Settlers of Catan. Let’s Play Green Bay will provide both competitive and social gaming opportunities for all ages.

? October – ? October


Cincinnati, OH

From their website: UtopiaCon is an eclectic convention that caters to Faerie, Gothic, Pirate, Medieval, Renaissance, Steampunk, Gaming, Tribal, and all Friends and Fea of Olde.

30 October – 2 November


Detroit, MI

Cosplay / Anime convention with video gaming.

31 October – 2 November

Comic Con Wizard World Convention – Ohio

Columbus, OH

Annual pop culture convention including Movies, Comics, Toys, Video Gaming, Games, TV, Anime, Manga, Horror, Wrestling, MMA, Original Art, Collectibles and More.

November 2014

7 November – 9 November

Gamehole Con

Madison, WI

Gamehole Con is a focused tabletop gaming con which includes RPG’s, Board Games, Miniature Games and Collectible Card Games. Gamehole Con features many industry leaders in the gaming world as special guests. Gamehole Con is for the hardcore tabletop gamer.

7 November – 9 November

What-Khan Convention [previously Rock Con]

Loves Park (Rockford), IL (northern Illinois)

Game convention featuring historical and fantasy miniature gaming, collectible miniatures, role-playing, board
gaming, and other events that cover the entire spectrum of adventure gaming.

14 November – 16 November


Fort Wayne, IN

Game Convention including role playing games, minatures games, board games, CCGs, LARPs, and electronic games.

14 November – 16 November


University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI (Detroit area)

Role Playing, Collectible Card Games, Board Games, Miniatures, Train Games, Live Action RPGs, Video Games, Exhibitors’ Hall, Auction, Specialty Tracks, and much more!

14 November – 16 November


Lombard, IL (Chicago area)

Science fiction and fantasy convention with a gaming area.

21 November – 23 November

Daisho Con

Wisconsin Dells, WI (central Wisconsin / Madison area)

From their website: Daisho Con is an anime and gaming convention hosted in Wisconsin! With lots of events, dances, cosplay contests, and tournaments, we aim to provide quality entertainment for all kinds of anime, geek and gaming enthusiasts!

22 November – 23 November

Chicago Toy and Game Fair

Chicago, IL

From the organizers: Toy and game inventors and manufacturers come from all over the world to meet and play with the general public. Board games of all types, building blocks, remote controls, ride-on vehicles, dolls and plush, life-size games, stage events, tournaments, special events for Girl and Boy Scouts, Games in Education Conference, Young Inventor Challenge, Star Wars Breakfast and more. Associated events include playCHIC toy inspired fashion show, Toy & Game Inventor of the Year Awards, Professional Inventor Summit and Toy and Game Inventor Summit.

28 November – 30 November

Stuffed COWS

Glen Ellyn, IL 60137(Chicago area)

Annual gaming con for the COWS gaming club of Chicago.

28 November – 30 December


Chicago, IL 60068

Gaming convention. From the organizers: We feature, Miniatures, Heroclix, RPG’s (Sparks, AD&D, Call of Cthulu, Top Secret), computer games, giant Jenga, huge scrabble, all types of strategy and Euro board games, as well as card games (Magic the Gathering, Killer Bunnies, Fluxx). We also have an excellent auction for great games at minimal prices, lots of door prizes and an ultra-cool puzzle hunt!

? November – ? November

Eerie Frequency Film, Toy, Comic, and Pop Culture Expo

Niles, OH 44446 (northeast Ohio)

[No on site gaming.] From the organizers: Ohio Toy show, with celebrity guests, Planet Of The Apes reunion, tv and movie cars, WWE wrestling legends, many vendors, comic book artists, filmmakers, fx artists, video games, celebrity panels, and wrestling!

December 2014

? December


Rochester, MI (Detroit area)

Games convention.


January 2015

9 January – 10 January


Weston, WI (Wausau area / central Wisconsin)

Anime and games convention. From the organizers: EVERCON was created by the D.C. Everest Gaming Club to strengthen the gaming and anime community in the central Wisconsin area. EVERCON features a wide array of events, such as video game tournaments, board/card gaming, RPGs, Panels, Cosplays, and a Friday night Zombie Walk.

? January – ? January

Midwinter Gaming Convention

Milwaukee, WI

Game convention with lots of Live Action Role Playing (LARPs), RPGs, CCGs, and a great board game room. Focuses on tabletop games of all sorts.

February 2015

6 February – 8 February

Winter War

Champaign, IL (eastern Illinois)

Annual Adventure Gaming Convention.

6 February – 8 February

Comic Con Wizard World Convention – Wisconsin

Madison, WI

Pop culture convention including Movies, Comics, Toys, Video Gaming, Games, TV, Anime, Manga, Horror, Wrestling, MMA, Original Art, Collectibles and More.

? February – ? February

Winter Fantasy

Fort Wayne, IN

D&D focused game convention with many D&D writers and designers as guests.

? February – ? February

Marmalade Dog

Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI (southwest Michigan)

Gaming convention held by the Western Michigan Gamers Guild (WMGG) each year. The convention features role-playing games, card games, board games, miniature wargames and a variety of other events.

? February – ? February


University of Toledo, Toledo, OH

Annual student run game convention at the University of Toledo.

? February – ? February

Fire and Ice

Manitowoc, WI (Green Bay area)

Game Convention. From the organizers: Annually, Fire and Ice attracts over 400 gamers from across the Midwest. Our continuing goal is to promote the gaming hobby and expand the gaming community in Wisconsin. At Fire & Ice you’ll find plenty of opportunities to play board games, role-playing games, collectable card games and miniature games. You’ll also enjoy a daily prize drawing, used game auction, free game library, lots of vendors to shop and a food stand with very reasonable prices. Register to run a game event at our website and earn conbux to pay for registration, food and prize tickets!

? February – ? March

Hoop and Stick Con (formerly RavenCon)

New Plymouth, OH 45654 (Columbus area)

Annual game convention held in Ravenwood Castle to benefit Child’s Play charity.

? February – ? March


University of Wisconsin – Platteville Campus, Platteville, WI (southwest Wisconsin, Dubuque, Iowa area)

Annual Gaming Convention.

March 2015

13 March – 15 March

Cleveland ConCoction

Cleveland, OH 44135

Northeast Ohio’s not-for-profit fan convention for all things sci-fi, fantasy, comics, gaming, filk/music, and fun. Will have gaming by North Coast Gamers, a LARP, an exhibit hall, an art show, a masquerade, kid/teen programming, special guests and panels.

19 March – 22 March


Lombard, IL (Chicago area)

War game convention.

27 March – 29 March


Evansville, IN 47725 (southwest Indiana)

Anime convention with both video gaming and tabletop gaming.

? March – ? March


Brookfield, WI (Milwaukee area)

Cold Iron Conventions’ winter gaming con. (See also Dan’s Con of the Vale [autumn] and Milwaukee Summer Revel [summer].)

? March – ? March


Cincinnati, OH

Game convention in Cincinnati.

? March – ? March

Gary Con

Lake Geneva, WI (southern Wisconsin)

From their website: “Gary Con is an annual gaming convention held in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. But Gary Con is more than just a convention. It is intended to be a living memorial to E. Gary Gygax, the father of role-playing games. It is a time for family, friends, and anyone whose life was changed as a result of the work of Gary Gygax to gather, remember, and toss a few dice around. Gary Con is also actively working with non-profit groups to raise money to build a monument in Lake Geneva celebrating the life and accomplishments of Gary Gygax.”

? March – ? March


Montpelier, OH (northwest Ohio)

From the organizers: CaesarCon is a 3 day gaming convention intended to bring people together for camaraderie and games. In true Caesar fashion the games will be glorious but the success of these games depends on you. Please consider volunteering to Game Master a game. With our thanks, all Game Masters receive a discount on attending CaesarCon. There are 3 slots for games on Friday and Saturday, and 2 slots for games on Sunday.

? March


Wittenberg University, Springfield, OH 45501 (Dayton area)

WittCon is the annual college gaming convention of the Wittenberg Role-Playing Guild, with a full day of table-top, board, and card gaming, as well as an annual costume contest and raffle. Admission for a full day of gaming goodness is only $5, which includes entry to all events and a pizza/pop dinner in the evening.

? March – ? March

Protospiel – Milwaukee

Milwaukee, WI 53221

From their website: Protospiel – Milwaukee is an extension of the popular series of Protospiel game design and development conventions. Amateur and established game designers get together to test and promote game prototypes in a supportive, cooperative environment. This casual event is based on sharing experiences and insight toward a goal of publishing games.

? March – ? March

Den Con

Denison University, Granville, OH (Columbus area)

From the organizers: Free Anime and Gaming Convention held annually by the Denison Gaming guild and open to all. Den Con offers a day of non-stop board games, card games, role-playing games, video games, anime screenings, and more! If you’re new to gaming, what could be better than a free convention nearby? Bring a few friends and play some board games in our Game Hall. With 36 board games in our main collection and dozens brought by other members, it shouldn’t be too hard to find one you like! We’ll even have someone from our knowledgeable and friendly staff ready to teach you the rules to a great game you may be unfamiliar with! If you’re a social gamer, we play plenty of role-playing games, and other games like Mafia/Werewolf and some social games made by our very own members! If you’ve never played in an RPG, it’s something you should give a shot! If you’re a competitive gamer, there will be some card game tournaments to prove your worth! If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to attend a convention, it can’t get much more enticing than one that’s free!

? March – ? March

Concentric Convention

Itasca, IL (Chicago area)

Annual Game Convention. Sister con to Conception in the fall.

April 2015

10 April – 12 April


College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, IL (Chicago area)

Annual gaming convention and fundraiser for the College of DePage Sci-fi/Fantasy Club. Features a variety of gaming (RPGs, CCGs, video, board/tabletop, miniatures, LARP) as well as a CosPlay Masquerade, anime, vendors, and more.

17 April – 19 April

Who’s Yer Con

Indianapolis, IN

Free three day game convention with games of all types. Has over 1200 attendees.

17 April – 19 April

Anime St. Louis

Collinsville, IL (St. Louis, MO area)

Anime Convention with tabletop and video gaming.

24 April – 26 April

No Brand Con

Eau Claire, WI (western Wisconsin)

Multi-genre convention with gaming.

24 April – 26 April


St. Charles, IL (Chicago area)

War game convention.

? April – ? April

Animation and Gaming Ohio

Cincinnati, OH

Animation and Gaming Convention. From their website: It not only includes Japanese animation, but American animation as well. Gaming is also incorporated with the signature events and the massive game room A&G has to offer.

? April – ? April

Odyssey Con

Madison, WI

Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention with some gaming.

? April – ? April


Detroit, MI (Livonia)

Game convention for the Amber Diceless Roleplaying Game.

? April – ? April


Elyria, OH (Cleveland area)

Anime convention with multiple video game tournaments and table top gaming as well.

? April – ? April

Midwest Gaming Classic

Milwaukee, WI

Electronic gaming trade show.

? April – ? April


Green Bay, WI

Annual games convention with miniatures, video gaming, card games, board games, roleplaying games and more. Located on the UW-Green Bay campus and sponsored by the UWGB Gamers Club.

May 2015

8 May – 10 May


Columbus, OH

Multiple Alternative Realities CONvention an annual fantasy and science fiction con with a gaming room.

15 May – 17 May


Decatur, IL (central Illinois)

Gaming convention. From the organizers: Heroicon will feature 14,000 sq feet of gaming – board games, card games, role playing games, tournaments, and special events. We will have a 24 hour open gaming area, after parties, a VIP lounge, and

15 May – 17 May

Anime Central (ACen)

Rosemont, IL (Chicago area)

Anime, manga, and Japanese pop culture convention with plentiful gaming options.

? May – ? May

AnCon (Another Game Convention)

Hudson, OH (Cleveland / Akron Area)

From the organiziers: AnCon (Another Game Convention) is an annual gaming convention located on the outskirts of the Cleveland and Akron areas of Ohio. Extended to 4 days of gaming for it’s fifth year, we have over 200 scheduled gaming events, as well as open gaming areas and access to play areas day and night (24 hours).

? May – ? May

Spring Mini Gaming Hoopla

Janesville, WI 53546 (Madison area)

Mini game convention from the organizers of Gaming Hoopla. This is a not-for-profit event, with the net proceeds donated to the American Cancer Society. The event will be entirely open gaming.

? May – ? May


Dearborn, MI (Detroit area)

Open source software and science fiction convention. They offer: tracks for Open Source software, Sci-Fi, Tech hardware, Gaming, Film, Eco, Music, and Action Adventure. It has an annual Dominion Tournament, roleplaying panels, and what they’re claiming is the “The Biggest Game of Cards Against Humanity Ever Played.”

? May – ? May

Drums Along the Rapids

Perrysburgh, OH (Toledo area)

Two day (Fri/Sat) miniature war gaming conference.

June 2015

3 June – 7 June

Origins Game Fair

Columbus, OH 43215

The kickoff game convention for the summer! Run by GAMA (The Game Manufacturers Association) the highlight of the show is the annual Origins Awards. These awards highlight the best of gaming, nominated at the GAMA Trade Show and voted on by convention attendees, the awards are announced Saturday evening. In addition there are over 200 vendors and 1000’s of events.

19 June – 21 June


Wheeling, IL (Chicago area)

Science Fiction convention with gaming. From the organizers: Once again, the gamers will have a ball room full of board games, card games, RPGs, miniatures combat and two Xbox consoles. Plus we’re right next to consuite this year, so munchies will never be far away. Please visit the website for details and updates. We look forward to seeing everyone there!

? June – ? June

Nexus Game Fair

Milwaukee, WI

From the organizers: Multi genre game convention looking to provide attendees with a full schedule of the best possible events and to ignite the passion for table top gaming in future generations of gamers. Nexus will focus on role-playing, miniature war, board, and collectible / tradable card games.

? June – ? June


Collinsville, IL (St. Louis, MO area)

Annual St. Louis area gaming convention.

July 2015

3 July – 5 July


Indianapolis, IN

Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention with a strong gaming contingent.

? July – ? July

Milwaukee Summer Revel

Brookfield, WI (Milwaukee area)

Cold Iron Conventions’ summer gaming con including D and D 5e, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, Shadrun, and Arcanis. There will be vendors, prizes, contests, and discounts for judging. (See also Conflagration [winter] and Dan’s Con of the Vale [autumn].)

? July – ? July

Con in the Castle

New Plymouth, OH 45654 (Columbus area)

Annual game convention held in Ravenwood Castle.

? July – ? July


Ann Arbor, MI (Detroit area)

Game design convention. From their website: Amateur and established game designers get together to test and promote game prototypes in a supportive, cooperative environment. This casual event is based on sharing experiences and insight toward a goal of publishing games.

30 July – 2 August


Indianapolis, IN 46225

Almost 50,000 attendees attend GenCon. A huge exhibitor (vendor) hall, art show, costumes and most of all over 12,000 events! This is the grand-daddy of all game cons!

August 2015

20 August – 23 August

Comic Con Wizard World Convention – Chicago

Chicago, IL

Annual pop culture convention including Movies, Comics, Toys, Video Gaming, Games, TV, Anime, Manga, Horror, Wrestling, MMA, Original Art, Collectibles and More.

? August


Oakland University, Rochester, MI (Detroit area)

Game Convention.

? August – ? August


Middleton, WI (Madison area)

Anime, SciFi, Gaming Convention. From their website: Play board games, card games or RPGs in the Tabletop Room or grab a controller in the Video Game Room!

? August – ? August


Terre Haute, IN (western Indiana)

Role Players’ Guild of Indiana State University’s Game Convention. (Friday evening and all day Saturday.)

September 2014

25 September – 27 September


Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Comic and game convention. From their website: GrandCon features tabletop gaming in all its forms, as well as comic books and the creators behind them. We provide an atmosphere that will allow gamers and comic book fans to mingle and appreciate their shared interests.

? September – ? September


Okemos, MI (Lansing area)

Boardgame convention with open gaming and tournaments.

? September – ? September

Buckeye Game Fest

Columbus, OH

Board game convention.

? September – ? September

3Con, the 3 RiversGaming Convention

Fort Wayne, IN

The Three Rivers Gaming Convention to Benefit the Riley Hospital for Children.

? September – ? September

Advance the Colors

Springfield, OH (Dayton area)

War game convention.

? September – ? September

Gaming Hoopla – Fall

Janesville, WI 53546 (Madison area)

From the organizers: The Gaming Hoopla is a not-for-profit event, with the net proceeds donated to the American Cancer Society through the Knutson Family and Tastefully Simpletuns Relay for Life teams. Here are just a few of the highlights of our game convention: Over 100 scheduled events, run by our friendly staff and volunteer judges; this includes everything from learn-to-play games through tournaments. We proudly host the Gen Con Games Library! Several tables available for pick-up and open gaming of any sort. A great raffle table we affectionately call the “Best. Raffle. Ever.” Our friendly kitchen staff serves up all kinds of gamer-sized sustenance, at the best prices you’ll ever see at a gaming convention! We certainly hope you find the time to join us for a fun-filled weekend, while helping fund the fight against cancer at the same time!

? September – ? September


Columbus, OH

Speculative Fiction Convention with table top and retro video games.

? September – ? September

Conception Convention

Glen Ellyn, IL (Chicago area)

Annual game convention. Sister con to Concentric in the spring.