Australia / New Zealand


Below is a full convention listing of every gaming convention in Australia and New Zealand for the coming calendar year. If any cons are missing, please submit them using our Gaming Con Submission Form.

Remember that the seasons are reversed south of the equator so the summer con season is January – February, not July and August.

You will note that the conventions at the bottom of the list have ?-month as their start date. ? – shows that the dates for this convention haven’t been released as of yet. The month is the same month as the previous year’s convention and will be updated when new dates are released.

Conventions that start in one month (say, on the 31st) and end in the next (say on the 1st) are listed under the month of their start date.


August 2014

9 August – 10 August

Hobart Winter GamesFest

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Annual board game con hosted by The Hobarts Games Society and part of Devil Island Con. Offers a variety of tabletop games including board, card, RPG, miniatures, etc.

15 August – 17 August


Auckland, New Zealand

Annual LARP convention.

30 August – 31 August

Board Games by the Bay – Hamilton

Hamilton, New Zealand (Northern NZ)

One of many board game conventions run across New Zealand by Board Games by the Bay.

? August – ? August

[CANCELED] Manifest

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

The Melbourne Anime Festival focusing on Anime, manga, Japanese culture and computer / video gaming.

September 2014

20 September – 21 September


Christchurch College of Education, Ilam, Christchurch, NZ

Pop culture convention with gaming (video games, board games and roleplaying games), sci fi, anime and more.

27 September – 28 September

ConCentric Games

Tanunda SA 5352, Australia (Adelaide area)

Weekend of tabletop gaming with a focus on boardgaming at this games con.

? September


Adelaide, SA, Australia

One day role playing convention.

? September – ? September

Freeplay Independent Games Festival

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Annual independent video game festival.

October 2014

3 October – 5 October


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Spring gaming con (being from the Northern Hemisphere that seems so wrong!) in Melbourne.

3 October – 5 October

EB Games Expo

Sydney, NSW, Australia

From their website: The EB Games EXPO is a 3 day event showcasing all the latest upcoming and new release games, with many products playable for the first time in Australia before their release.

4 October – 6 October


St. Scholastica’s College, Glebe, New South Wales, Australia (Sydney area)

Gaming convention. From their website: A variety of game genres are available, including regular table-top games (such as Dungeons and Dragons), ongoing campaigns, and free-forms (sometimes known as live-action games or LARPs).

4 October – 6 October (Saturday – Monday)

MOAB: Mother of all Battles

Sylvania, NSW, Australia (Sydney area)

From the organizers: MOAB: Mother of all Battles has been running annually for over 20 years as a Fantasy and Historical miniature games convention.

Each year there are multiple tournament events over a wide range of gaming systems and in recent years these have drawn more than 280 competitors each year. These competitions are limited to 11 years and over and are the only events to have an entry fee. Our tournament games include Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy, Warmachine, Blood Bowl, Fields of Glory, DBA, Flames of War, Horde of the Things, Malifaux and Infinity.

Entry to the convention hall is FREE and the convention hosts retailer stalls from all over Australia as well as a 2nd hand Bring N Buy stall and an on-site canteen.

For any visitors (or competitors with spare time) there are participation games (with FREE ENTRY) and demonstration games running throughout the entire convention, ranging from large scale battles to fun games for the kids (or kids at heart).

25 October

Fright Night

Wellington, NZ

Annual horror role playing game convention.

31 October – 2 November

Pax Australia

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Penny Arcade has added a third game convention to their schedule. The newest will be held in Melbourne, Australia.

November 2014

22 November – 23 November

Board Games by the Bay – Auckland (Spring)

Remuera, Auckland, New Zealand

One of five board game conventions run across New Zealand by Board Games by the Bay. The others are Auckland (Fall) in May, Hamilton in July, Palmerston North in September and Tauranga in March.

28 November – 1 December

Tasmanian Spring Gamefest

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Annual spring tabletop gaming convention.

December 2014

? December – ? December


Macquarie University, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Annual role playing convention run by the Macquarie University Roleplaying Society (MURPS).


January 2015

? January – ? January


Wellington, New Zealand

Role playing game convention with over 100 attendees.

? January – ? January


Perth, Western Australia, Australia

From their website: GenghisCon is a student-priced convention, filled with games, activities, panels, discussions, and workshops covering science fiction, fantasy, roleplaying, board games, and more.

? January – ? January


Canberra, Australia

From their website: All the usual CANCON events, including boardgames, card games and fantasy role playing tournaments, over 50 games retail stalls, international guest games designers, annual MilSims games auction, stacks of fantasy/sci fi and militaria books and paraphernalia, the humongous second-hand stall…

? January – ? January


Collingwood College, Collingwood, Victoria, Australia (Melbourne area)

Game convention with board and card games, freeforms, multiforms, miniature games, living campaigns, open gaming and more.

February 2015

? February – ? February


Auckland, New Zealand

Annual gaming convention with roleplaying, wargaming, cardgaming and larping.

March 2015

? March – ? March


Perth, WA, Australia

Anime convention with a large console/video gaming area.

? March – ? March


University of Wollongong, Gwynneville, NSW, Australia (Sydney area)

From their website: We have partnered with the UoW Harry Potter Society, the Anime and Manga club, the Silver Screen Society and the Shadow Lodge to provide a great 2 days of gaming and entertainment.

April 2015

18 April – 19 April


Quaker Hill, NSW, Australia (Sydney area)

Annual gaming con presented by the Western Suburbs Games Society.

? April – ? April


Wainuiomata, Wellington, New Zealand

LARP Convention.

? April – ? April


Sydney, NSW, Australia

Role playing Convention. From their website: EYECON is a chance to play pre-prepared games or events prepared by our friendly team of volunteer gamemasters. The motto for EYECON is “bring your friends, try new games and have some fun”.

? April – ? April


Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Easter weekend game convention featuring role playing, miniatures, board games, cosplay and more.

? April – ? April

The President’s Convention

University of Auckland, Auckland, NZ

Annual game convention run by The AMERICA Club at the University of Auckland. Named for the current club president, this con’s name changes frequently. Includes LARPs, RPGs and board games.

May 2015

? May – ? May

Board Games by the Bay – Auckland (Fall)

Remuera, Auckland, New Zealand

One of many board game conventions run across New Zealand by Board Games by the Bay.

? May – ? June

Buckets of Dice

Christchurch College of Education, Christchurch, New Zealand

From the organizers: Annual game convention for SAGA Inc. The University of Canterbury’s gaming club. GM’s from around the country will be present running role-playing games, board games, LARPs and a Grand Strategy (large multi-player board game).

? May – ? June


Wellington, New Zealand

Growing annual board game convention running during two days of the three day Queen’s Birthday weekend. In addition to boardgaming and boardgame tournamanets, there are vendors and an area to buy/sell second hand games.

June 2015

? June – ? June


Daramalan College, Dickson, Canberra, Australia

From their website: Phenomenon is a role playing game convention. Its goal is to offer a wide range of exciting, creative, imaginative, challenging and fun roleplaying games for your enjoyment. Pheno aims to extend the roleplaying community in Canberra — to provide a place where you can relax, chat, make new friends, play games both familiar and unfamiliar, and otherwise do stuff you wouldn’t normally do in a weekend.

? June – ? June

Katicon [formerly Corocon]

Katikati, NZ

Games con focused on playtesting new board games.

July 2015

? July – ? July

Toy and Game Expo

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

From the organizers: The Toy and Game Expo is a family interactive heaven for ages from 4 through to adults. A non-electronic nirvana of toys and games based on a principle of See, Play, Own. Come along and SEE passionate high end users demonstrating their projects. Then PLAY with it yourself and if it tickles your fancy, OWN it from one of the retailers available. Games stalls from Mayfair Games, Rio Grande, Days of Wonder, Wattsalpoag, Mayday Games and Treefrog Games just to name a few. We also have a Games Library and Learn to Play areas setup for users. The Expo also features the Australian Boardgaming Championships for Carcassonne, Dominion, Memoir 44, Rummikub, Settlers of Catan, and Ticket to Ride

? July – ? July


Canberra, Australia

Winter (July) game convention by same organizers of CANCON (summer: January) in Canberra.

? July – ? July


Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Anime and Video Game convention with some freeform (LARPing).

? July – ? July

Au Contraire!

Wellington, New Zealand

From the organizers: The program includes anything you can think of, including art, filking and cosplay competitions with some serious prize money, an open board-gaming area and a few LARP’s.