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Both convention organizers and general attendees are welcome to submit conventions. If you are a convention organizer, please note that and fill in an email address in case we have any questions.

Please remember that after a convention runs it is moved to the bottom of the list and placed in the same month the following year. We will add specific dates (if they are easy to find on the con’s website) but otherwise it is a straight copy and paste. Most of the following rules are to keep this process simple.

The url you submit must clearly belong to the convention. ( vs. We also prefer that you point to a general page, not a year/event specific page (i.e. is better than ). Finally, if you are a convention organizer, please make sure your page includes your dates and the location in an easily found spot (most do but we’re always shocked by how many don’t!)

We lack the bandwidth to collect, process, and update local game days. [Yes, there is fine line between a game day and a one day con. If your attendees are local and predominately from the same gaming group, it’s a game day.]

Please proof read you submission. The less we have to re-write the quicker your listing will appear.

This list is for game conventions or other fan conventions with areas/tracks for gaming. We understand there is quite a bit of cross-pollination between gamers and other fan genres (sci-fi, fantasy, horror, steampunk, anime, comics, etc) and therefore will probably accept entries that (a) are clearly labeled as not having gaming, (b) have the form properly and fully filled out, and without grammar/spelling errors, and (c) are vaguely something gamers would be interested in. So LunaCon (a SciFi convention with a small open gaming room) is in while the Annual Butter Churning convention is out. LugosiCon (a horror con) would also be ok, if the description clearly disclosed there is no gaming.

We reserve the right to reject, delete, deny any listing (but would rather not so seriously, please proofread).

Finally, if you are looking to UPDATE or CORRECT an EXISTING listing, this is the wrong form! Please use the Contact Us box on the left side menu! [You can also use that form to confirm we received your submission if there’s an issue.]

(Note, the form won’t submit without dates, if you don’t have this year’s, use last year’s, we manually double check all the submissions anyway.)

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[WARNING: If you receive a Page Not Found error after submitting, check your email for a confirmation that we received your submission. If you get one, there is no need to resubmit, we will add your con to our next update.]