South Atlantic (FL, GA, NC, PR, SC)


Welcome to the complete gaming convention list for the South Atlantic Region for the next year. Help us to keep this calendar up-to-date – if you see a missing con, submit it via our Gaming Convention Submission Form.

Gaming conventions towards the bottom may have ?-month as their start date when they have not yet released their exact dates. We will update these as soon as new dates become available. If a con starts in one month and finishes in the next then it is listed under the first month only.


August 2014

9 August

Florida Comics Experience

Melbourne, FL

One day comic convention with a comic book themed video game room. From the organizers: Florida Comics Experience is a one day convention for fans of comic books, super heroes, and the culture they inspire! A comic con style event with a beach town atmosphere.

? August – ? August

RoundCon Expo

Columbia, SC

From their website: RoundCon is an anime, fan and gaming convention held annually in Columbia, South Carolina […] . The convention offers a wide variety of RPG gaming (including RPGA events), board gaming, video gaming, war gaming anime events, cosplay events, artists, writers and much more.

29 August – 1 September


Atlanta, GA

Multi-media convention focusing on science fiction, fantasy, gaming, comics, art, film and more!

September 2014

5 September – 7 September


Daytona Beach, FL (east coast)

Anime, Sci-Fi, Gaming Convention.

5 September – 7 September

Amelia Con

Amelia Island, FL 32034

Multi genre convention featuring a weekend full of tabletop gaming, anime, pop culture, comic books, and more! Tabletop game tournaments sponsored by Steve Jackson Games, Z-Man Games, and Attack Dice. Celebrity meet-n-greets, panels, and costume/cosplay competition on Saturday.

25 September – 28 September

HurriCon Games Convention

Orlando, FL

HMGS-South’s fall war games convention.

October 2014

2 October – 5 October

Atlanta Game Fest

Atlanta, GA

Biannual four day board game convention.

3 October – 5 October


Tampa, FL

From the organizers: Necronomicon is a sci-fi/fantasy/horror convention in central Florida. Gaming has long been one of our largest attractions with over 100 separate table top gaming events (RPG’s, card, board, and miniatures) in addition to LARP’s, LAN gaming, and an open gaming library. Members of the Stone Hill Science Fiction Association organize this convention as a labor of love, with
proceeds going to various charities. All of the workers at the convention are volunteers, and guests generally appear at no charge. Necronomicon features a dealers room, art show and auction, a charity raffle, science, gaming, filk, special events, and live music. The convention is known for its extensive programming, offering a variety of panels with lively discussions.

31 October – 2 November


Braselton, GA (Atlanta area)

Gaming convention offering table top gaming (D&D, Magic, and others), console gaming, PC gaming and prizes.

November 2014

1 November – 2 November


Jacksonville, FL

Geek Convention with both tabletop and video gaming. From the organizers: WasabiCon is a fan convention designed to celebrate anime, gaming, and all things “geek.” With over 14,000 square feet of convention space, the event will feature panels, workshops, a vendors room, and much more. Invited convention guests will be noted talent from anime, gaming, and pop culture…Geek culture. Extra spicy.

7 November – 9 November


Charlotte, NC 28262

Game convention. From the organizers: Join us for a full weekend of the best in role-playing games, board games, LARPS, card games, and much more. Enjoy the dealer’s room, our charity auction, a variety of tournaments, cornhole, the Grinning Goblin (our on-site food vendor) and of course, meet our gaming professionals. For more info please visit our website and look for our other events; mini-mace, MACE West and Club MACE.

8 November – 9 November

King Con

Warner Robins, GA (Macon area)

Annual gamer convention featuring board games, card games and table top role playing.

21 November – 23 November

Southern Front

Raleigh, NC

Triangle Simulation Society’s annual fall war game convention.

December 2014


January 2015

1 January – 4 January


Charlotte, NC

Anime convention with both video gaming and tabletop gaming, split over two weekends.

16 January – 18 January

Siege of Augusta

Augusta, GA 30909(eastern Georgia)

From the organizers: yearly HMGS Midsouth Historical Miniature Gaming convention. Numerous events are hosted by our members and attendees including competitive tournament play in the most popular historical and fantasy periods and game systems. Historical Miniature Wargaming has been our main focus. However, we host, encourage and welcome gaming in many areas. Board gaming, science fiction, fantasy, and M:tG are welcome and enjoyed.

16 January – 19 January

SCARAB Gaming Convention

Columbia, SC

South Carolina Area Roleplayers AND Boardgamers’ annual game convention.

22 January – 25 January


Summerville, SC (Charleston area)

From the organizers: BROGFest is a gathering of gamers and a great weekend for families. While the main gaming focus is Consim/wargames, anything is playable, even 6-map monster games or large miniatures games. There may be some future games to playtest, as we usually get a handful of designers. Games have ranged from classic hexoid battles, to multi-player CDG’s, to popular Euros and late night “Bang” brouhahas.

? January – ? January

Evil Con

Tampa, FL

A multi-genre fan convention with shows, panels, dances and raves, as well as industry guests, artists and vendors. The convention focuses on the antagonists, monsters and antiheroes.

? January – ? January

Atlanta Game Fest

Atlanta, GA

Biannual four day board game convention.

February 2015

7 February


University of Florida, Gainesville, FL (northern Florida)

Multi-genre convention (Anime, Gaming, Sci-Fi) offered for free and featuring video game tournaments, table top gaming, contests, panels, special guests, and more!

? February – ? March


Greensboro, NC

Free open event on campus of Guilford College. (Website isn’t updated yet but there is a facebook event: )

March 2015

6 March – 8 March


Savannah, GA

From the organizers: GnomeCon is an ever-expanding multi-genre con centered around gaming, art, and sci-fi/fantasy. It also features panels, games, terrain, costuming demos, tracks for kids, and entertainment in the evening hours. Guests featured are authors, game designers, artists, and entertainers. Located in the heart of downtown historic Savannah.

13 March – 15 March

Comic Con Wizard World Convention – Raleigh

Raleigh, NC

Annual pop culture convention including Movies, Comics, Toys, Video Gaming, Games, TV, Anime, Manga, Horror, Wrestling, MMA, Original Art, Collectibles and More.

? March – ? March (Thur-Mon)


Cruise out of Jacksonville, FL

Open boardgaming convention. From the organziers: Every March, we sail out of Jacksonville, Florida to the Bahamas for a 4 night cruise on the Carnival Fascination. We play games while at sea, and you are free to play as much or as little as you’d like.

? March – ? March


Hickory, NC (western North Carolina)

Gaming convention run by the same people who run MACE and Club Mace.

? March – ? March


Orlando, FL 32819

Comic Book, Anime, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Gaming Convention.

? March – ? March


Greensboro, NC

Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Gaming convention.

April 2015

23 April – 26 April


Orlando, FL

HMGS-South’s spring war games convention.

? April – ? April

Spring Fever

Raleigh, NC

Triangle Simulation Society’s annual spring war game convention.

? April – ? April

TrekTrax Atlanta

Atlanta, GA

From the organizers: an annual science fiction convention based in Atlanta, Georgia, dedicated to space opera in general and Star Trek in particular, that places special emphasis on fan-based events, activities, programming and productions. TXA will present two tracks of concurrent programming, one devoted to Star Trek and one devoted to all other space opera TV shows and movies; a gaming room for role-playing, board and card games; a VIP champagne reception; a science fiction costume contest; video programming room; dealers room; con suite; and the annual Miss
Klingon Empire Beauty Pageant.

May 2015

21 May – 25 May


Atlanta, GA

From the organizers: General gaming convention with a strong emphasis on boardgames but also includes RPGs, CCGs and miniatures as well as tournaments and panels. Ticket to Ride qualifier for the National Championship at GenCon.

22 May – 24 May


Atlanta, GA 30341

Doctor Who, Stargate, SciFi, Fantasy Convention. Includes a masquerade, cabaret, guests, game shows, living chess match (Dr. Who vs. Stargate), panels and gaming.

22 May – 24 May

Omni Expo

Orlando, FL

Consumer expo. From their facebook: Omni Expo’s first focus is that of an electronics media tradeshow that brings manufacturers of the worlds latest cutting edge technology to a targeted consumer demographic that wants the best the future has to offer right now. The second focus is to create an umbrella venue for like-minded smaller conventions and trade shows in the area that have a similar consumer base. These conventions and trade shows will encompass all aspects of future technology based media, such as but not limited to science fiction, electronic based gaming, multi-cultural fantasy, and animation. The convention will have a vendor’s room selling convention related merchandise as well as expo space for the electronics tradeshow. Other attractions include a costume contest, multi-industry guest speakers, late night dances, and a variety of live performances.

28 May – 31 May


Atlanta, GA

From their website: MomoCon is an annual three-day convention celebrating animation, manga, gaming, costumes, and more!

28 March – 30 March

Comic Con Wizard World Convention – Greenville

Greenville, SC

Annual pop culture convention including Movies, Comics, Toys, Video Gaming, Games, TV, Anime, Manga, Horror, Wrestling, MMA, Original Art, Collectibles and More.

? May – ? May

Florida Anime Experience

Orlando, FL

Anime convention with a Japanese video game room. From the organizers: Three full days of anime, cosplay, manga, J-Pop, and other events celebrating Japanese popular culture.

? May – ? May

Jax Arcade Expo

Jacksonville, FL

Classic Pinball and Arcade Game Convention.

? May – ? May

Puerto Rico ComicCon

San Juan, PR

Annual Puerto Rico fan convention with comics, toys, anime, manga, video gaming, table top gaming, movies, cosplay, live music, celebrity guests and more.

? May – ? June


Charlotte, NC

A multi-genre, multi-media convention covering SciFi, fantasy and horror with guests, panels, gaming, costume events and more.

? May – ? May

CoolMiniOrNot Expo

Atlanta, GA

Annual game convention where the focus is on games with miniatures (board games, war games and more). In addition to gaming, they will offer miniature artistry clinics and classes as well as panels with game creators and designers.

June 2015

19 June – 21 June

The Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo

Atlanta, GA

From the organizers: The Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo features more than 100 arcade and pinball machines, the second annual Southern-Fried Pinball Tournament, a vendor expo, exciting programs and guest speakers, movie screenings, a Saturday Pin Swap, and other special events. We created the Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo to share the nostalgia and skill of the game with long-time arcade and pinball enthusiasts, and spread the joy of discovery with new fans of all ages.

20 June – 27 July (Sat – Sat)


Cruise ship sailing from Jackson, FL to the Bahamas

A game convention on a boat! A six day cruise by the same people who put on MACE and MACE West.

24 June – 28 June

Dice Tower Con

Kissimmee, FL 32619 (Orlando area)

Gaming convention. From the organizers: Dice Tower Con is a convention that lets people have fun with the gaming they like. We are dedicated to providing our guests with a diverse gaming schedule filled with boardgames, RPGs and miniatures games. If you want to play Wargames, Euro Games, RPG, or Party Games, come on out and have fun, as that’s what we’re all about!

? June – ? June

Salty Bay Con

Tampa, FL 33614

Annual games convention.

? June – ? June


Atlanta, GA

Geek and gaming convention with a focus on board games, card games, role playing games, LARPs and retro video games.

? June – ? June


Summerville, SC 29483 (Charleston area)

Gaming convention. From the organizers: Storm-Con is a convention that exemplifies our motto “Southern Gaming Redefined!” We are dedicated to providing our guests with a diverse gaming schedule filled with boardgames, RPGs and miniatures games. We not only focus on mainstream games, but we love Indie games as well! We have several exciting programs and tracks that our guests will enjoy.

? June – ? June


Jacksonville, FL (northern Florida)

Game convention with board, miniature and role playing games.

? June – ? June


Chapel Hill, NC (Raleigh Durham area)

Science Fiction / Steampunk Convention with a gaming track.

July 2015

? July – ? July

Ancient City Con

Jacksonville, FL 32202 (northern Florida)

A multi-genre convention for fans of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Anime, Horror, Gaming, Costuming, and more.

? July – ? July

Annual Fantasy Gamers’ Conclave

Cary, NC 27513 (Raleigh area)

Two day game convention with all proceeds going to the Autism Society of North Carolina.

? July – ? July

[HIATUS 2014] GameWarp

Orlando, FL

Arcade, Pinball, Console, Computer Gaming Convention put on by the Florida Arcade and Pinball Collector’s Group.

October 2015

2 October – 4 October

Comic Con Wizard World Convention – Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Annual pop culture convention including Movies, Comics, Toys, Video Gaming, Games, TV, Anime, Manga, Horror, Wrestling, MMA, Original Art, Collectibles and More.