South Central West (AR, LA, OK, TX)


Below is a full game convention list of every game con in the South Central West region for the coming months. If we are missing any conventions, please use our Game Convention Submission Form to update the calendar.

You may see some of the cons towards the bottom have ?-month as their start date when the exact dates for this convention haven’t been released as of yet. The month is the month of the previous year’s convention.

Conventions that start on the 30th of one month and end on the 1st of the following month will be listed under the month of their start date.


August 2014

1 August – 3 August

Austin Board Game Bash

Austin, TX

From the organizers: Board Game Bash is a central Texas board game convention with door prizes, a game library, tournaments, events, and some of the best gamers you’ll find. The convention runs all day and through the night all weekend, so grab your game bag and head over for 50 solid hours of gaming!

1 August – 3 August


New Orleans, LA

From the Organizers: MechaCon began as an anime convention that brings together anime, Transformers, and Japanese culture. Since, MechaCon evolved to include fandoms such as Sci-Fi, Comics and Domestic Animation, making it a complete fan experience.

Gaming fans will find a plethora of gaming opportunities. A solid 50% of the convention is dedicated to 24-hour table-top gaming, 24-hour Interactive Combat Entertainment courtesy of Sleeping Samurai, and 24-hour electronic gaming (including MechCorps’ Battletech Simulator Pods, Zero Limits Arcade cabinet games and Supercon 2K Series [NVGA] console gaming & tournaments).

1 August – 3 August

Gl!tch Con

Springdale, AR (northwest Arkansas, Rogers / Fayetteville area)

From the organizers: GlitchCon is a fandom oriented convention focusing on Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Gaming, and Anime. Our goal is to bring the very best of what these cultures have to offer to Northwest Arkansas to bring the local fandom communities together and provide the very best in entertainment for our attendees while raising money for our charity of choice. This year’s charity is the Northwest Arkansas Women’s Shelter. The Northwest Arkansas Women’s Shelter is committed to serving victims of domestic violence and sexual assault and to empowering them to build lives free of violence.

1 August – 3 August

Comic Con Wizard World Convention – San Antonio

San Antonio, TX

Annual pop culture convention including Movies, Comics, Toys, Video Gaming, Games, TV, Anime, Manga, Horror, Wrestling, MMA, Original Art, Collectibles and More.

8 August – 10 August

Anime Overload

Austin, TX

Anime Convention with a console gaming room and table top gaming.

8 August – 10 August

Heat of Battle

National WW2 Museum, New Orleans, LA

This may be the coolest game convention listed here at GCC – play World War 2 wargames and board games in a museum dedicated to WW2!!!

8 August – 10 August

The Houston Con

Houston, TX

Science Fiction convention with a large gaming presence.

15 August – 17 August

Delta H Con

Houston, TX 77040

Delta H Con is an annual Anime and Gaming convention in Houston, Texas, featuring 24 hour game programming, TCG/CCG Tournaments, RP Games, Mini’s, Board Games, Retro arcade and video games as well as new release titles and tournaments. If you can game it, bring it! We also have extensive Anime programming if you need a game distraction.

15 August – 17 August

Bayou Battles

Houston, TX

Warhammer Fantasy Game Convention.

15 August – 17 August


Killeen, TX 76540 (between Austin and Waco)

From their website: Geekfest activities for kids and adults will include video game tournaments, contests, movie screenings, interactive video game demonstrations, presentations and entertainment by local groups and companies, vendor booths and a silent auction. Yes, the Humans vs Zombies competition is back along with two showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show! All proceeds support our CTC [Central Texas College] Student Ambassador program.

September 2014

12 September – 14 September


Fort Smith, AR (northwest Arkansas)

Convention with Anime, Comics, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Gaming, LARPing, Pop Culture, and More!

26 September – 28 September


Dallas/Fort Worth Area, TX

Science Fiction and Fantasy Literary Convention with some gaming.

October 2014

2 October – 4 October (Thur-Sat)

Comic Con Wizard World Convention – Austin

Austin, TX

Annual pop culture convention including Movies, Comics, Toys, Video Gaming, Games, TV, Anime, Manga, Horror, Wrestling, MMA, Original Art, Collectibles and More.

3 October – 5 October


Corpus Christi, TX, 78401

Anime and video game convention.

3 October – 5 October


Kenner, LA (New Orleans area)

Fan convention in the greater New Orleans area, has gaming room.

24 October – 26 October


Waco, TX

Two day gaming convention promoting all genres of table top gaming.

25 October – 26 October

The Alamo Warhammer GT – Fantasy

San Antonio, TX

Alamo Grand Tournament for Warhammer Fantasy.

31 October – 2 November


Midwest City, OK (Oklahoma City area)

Anime Convention with table top and console gaming.

November 2014

7 November – 8 November (Fri – Sat)

Arcade Expo

Houston, TX

Video game convention with over 200 pinball, arcade and console games all set to free play.

7 November – 9 November

Comic Con Wizard World Convention – Tulsa

Tulsa, OK

Annual pop culture convention including Movies, Comics, Toys, Video Gaming, Games, TV, Anime, Manga, Horror, Wrestling, MMA, Original Art, Collectibles and More.

19 November – 23 November (Wednesday – Sunday)


Dallas / Fortworth, TX

Board game convention run by BoardGameGeek. Includes, open board gaming, a Texas Hold’Em Tournament, Game Show, Puzzle Hunt, Battlin’ Tops, Prizes, a Flea Market and various vendors.

? November – ? November

(CANCELED 2014) Octopodicon

Oklahoma City, OK

Steampunk convention with a gaming room that contains both Steampunk era games as well as RPGs and LARPs.

? November – ? November


Round Rock, TX (Austin area)

Game Convention. From the organizers: The convention features mainly miniature gaming covering various genres and also includes some of the classical board games. Millenniumcon has a large vendor area that is currently sold out and includes three major miniature manufacturers. Currently, there are 65 different miniature games offered with over 100 sessions of play. Seven tournaments are scheduled which include FOW, FOG-A and FOW-R, NAW, HoTT, DBA and Battletech.

December 2014


January 2015

2 January – 4 January


Austin, TX

Japanese animation and pop culture convention with some gaming.

9 January – 11 January

Comic Con Wizard World Convention – New Orleans

New Orleans, LA

Pop culture convention including Movies, Comics, Toys, Video Gaming, Games, TV, Anime, Manga, Horror, Wrestling, MMA, Original Art, Collectibles and More.

16 January – 18 January


Austin, TX

Gaming convention featuring roleplaying, tabletop games, panels, special guests, vendor, electronic gaming and more.

February 2015

6 February – 8 February


Rice University, Houston, TX

Game Convention featuring hundreds of events, including Board and Card games, RPGA, Historical Miniatures, PFS, Miniatures, LARPs, and RPGs as well as an Anime and Dealers Room.

13 February – 15 February


Dallas, TX

Science Fiction and Fantasy convention with a gaming track.

March 2015

26 March – 29 March


College Station, TX (east Texas, between Waco and Houston)

Annual fan convention with gaming.

? March – ? March


Midwest City, OK (Oklahoma City area)

From their website: Annual gaming convention featuring Board Gaming, Miniatures, Collectable Card Games, and Role Playing.

? March – ? March


Fayetteville, AR (northwest Arkansas)

Arkansas Gaming Convention.

? March


Oklahoma City, OK 73107

From the organizers: SUPER! BitCon is a gaming convention organized by the Retro Gamers Society (RGS). While the group is primarily focused on classic video games, this event caters to gaming fans of all varieties. SUPER! BitCon will feature 19,000+ square feet of exhibitor space, a full room dedicated to panels and Q&A sessions on a variety of topics, a gameshow style trivia contest, a tabletop gaming room, and a gaming-themed after party with hours of engaging entertainment.

April 2015

3 April – 5 April

GamerNation Con

Plano, TX (Dallas area)

Gaming con with RPGs and a giant ‘wall of games’ boardgame library.

? April – ? April


San Antonio, TX

Convention for gamers, Sci-Fi enthusiasts and Anime fans.

? April – ? April


New Caney, TX (Houston area)

Mad About Games Convention. From the organizers: A tabletop gaming convention and fundraiser in northeast Houston. Features a huge free board game library. Lots of prizes. Affordable admission, hotel, and concessions. Great fun.

? April – ? April


Denton, TX (Fort Worth / Dallas area)

Annual Game convention of Reaper Minitures. Hosts sculpting and painted classes in addition to gaming.

May 2015

? May – ? May

The Alamo Warhammer GT – 40K

San Antonio, TX

Alamo Grand Tournament for 40K.

? May – ? May


Houston, TX

The Texas International Comic Con. A multi-format pop culture convention covering comics, science fiction, fantasy, video games, LARPing, anime, music, film, and table top gaming.

(? May) ? May – ? May

Protospiel South

Austin, TX

Board game convention focusing on play testing new games with a casual dinner Friday night to kick things off.

June 2015

4 June – 7 June

North Texas RPG Con

Bedford, TX (Fort Worth / Dallas area)

Game Convention focusing on old school D and D gaming as well as other pre-1999 RPGs.

25 June – 28 June

Texas Team Tournament

Austin, TX

From the organizers: Advanced Squad Leader gaming tournament. An open gaming tournament where you play what you want to play with whomever you want to play against.

? June – ? June


Dallas, TX

Anime Convention with large variety of gaming.

? June – ? June


Galveston, TX

From the organizers: ArcadiaCon packs Minecraft based contests, a gaming arcade, Indie games, TeamCrafted autograph sessions and instructive panels. ArcadiaCon is a place not only for YouTubers and Twitch streamers to connect together, but a place for fans to take part in the gaming community. Panels will include “The Impact of Sound and Music in Games”, “Realtime Game Development Demonstration”, “Keeping Your Kids Safe in Gaming”, “How to use Minecraft in Education” and others.

? June – ? June

Bayou Wars

Kenner, LA (New Orleans area)

New Orleans area war games convention.

? June – ? June


Lake Charles, LA (southwest Louisiana)

Anime, Science Fiction, Comic, Gaming and Video Gaming convention.

? June – ? June


Grapevine, TX 76051 (Dallas / Fort Worth area)

Annual Game Convention. From the organizers: Texicon supports all three sections of gaming: Miniatures, Role-Playing, and Board gaming. Each year Texicon will focus on a specific section. Moreover, we believe that having a place where multiple games occur will allow players to try games that they might not normally play, while allowing our players to also play those games they love. Our Game Masters and Referees are excited at the prospect of teaching people to play new games. Texicon also hosts seminars that focus on every aspect of gaming. In these seminars, experts will speak about various aspects of games and gaming. Some speakers will be seasoned gamers, others will be industry specialists.

? June – ? June


Houston, TX

Houston’s science fiction, fantasy and horror conference with gaming, larping, masquerade and more.

? June – ? June


Oklahoma City, OK

Multi-genre convention in Oklahoma City.

July 2015

17 July – 19 July

Tokyo in Tulsa

Tulsa, OK

Anime convention with video game room, CCG room, and table top gaming room as well as several LARPs.

? July – ? July

RTX (Rooster Teeth Expo)

Austin, TX

Internet and video gaming convention.

? July – ? July

SGC (ScrewAttack Gaming Convention)

Dallas, TX

Video Games Convention with over 80 vendors, a huge main stage, panels, game room/arcade, live concerts and even some table top gaming. From their website: It’s a 72-hour party where gamers from around the world can come together and share their passion for video games.

? July – ? July


Dallas, TX

Video game convention. From their website: QuakeCon is a free convention held annually in the Dallas, TX area. Thousands of computer gamers from all over the world make the pilgrimage to play with their friends on a giant gaming network, see the latest cool technology, and compete in world-class tournaments. A huge party for every sort of gamer, from the hobbyist to the hardcore, QuakeCon is an event not to be missed.