Pacific (AK, CA, HI, OR, WA)


Below is a complete list of every game convention in the Pacific States for the coming months. If we are missing any conventions, please submit them using our Gaming Convention Submission Form.

If a convention doesn’t yet have dates for this year, it is listed under the month when it was held in last year with ‘?’ in place of the day(s).

For this calendar, conventions that start on the 30th of one month and end on the 1st of the next month are listed under the month of their start date.


August 2014

8 August – 10 August


Bellevue, WA (Seattle area)

Game convention with board and card games, wargames and miniatures, role playing and LARPing, Computer and LAN gaming, and over 500 attendees.

8 August – 10 August

Tolkien Moot

Spokane, WA

From their website: Tolkien Moot is an annual international convention dedicated to J.R.R. Tolkien enthusiasts, scholars, and gamers. [Used to be called MerpCon.]

9 August – 10 August


University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA

Pop culture convention with CCG tournaments.

15 August – 17 August


Spokane, WA

From the organizers: Annual full-spectrum Sci-fi/Fantasy convention with RPGs, LARPs, CCGs, board games, gaming panels and other gaming opportunities.

? August – ? August

Grand Tribunal America

Lake Tahoe area, Olympic Valley, CA

Game convention focusing on Ars Magica.

29 August – 1 September

Pacificon Game Expo

Santa Clara, CA 95054 (San Jose area / bay area)

From the organizers: This gaming convention features Wargaming, the Pacificon Role Playing Festival, the annual West Coast Boardgame Championships, Lively LARPS, Three FREE Flea Markets (no table fees!), a LIVE Auction, 20 special and industry guests, a 30 table dealers room with lots of publishers and manufacturers! An amazing array of Pathfinder Society games! Living Forgotten Realms features a major Battle Interactive as well, also exclusive to Pacificon! Join nearly 1400 gamers for a full weekend of fun!

29 August – 1 September


Los Angeles, CA

Strategicon’s Labor Day Weekend Game Convention [see also OrcCon (President’s Day) and Gamex (Memorial Day).

29 August – 1 September


Fremont, CA (San Fran / San Jose area / bay area)

Game Convention. From the organizers: CelestiCon offers four days of family-friendly gaming in the San Francisco Bay Area. CelestiCon is hosting hundreds of game events, along with exciting special guests, sponsor prizes and gaming, gaming, gaming. Join us Labor Day weekend as a player, GM or volunteer.

29 August – 1 September

Pax Prime

Seattle, WA

Penny Arcade’s Annual West Coast Video Game Convention with a sizable Tabletop Game component as well. (This year sold out in about six hours.)

September 2014

24 September – 27 September

Wyrd Con

Los Angeles, CA 90045

From their website: … Wyrd is an interactive storytelling convention that brings together a program of rich panels, presentations, and roundtable dialogues about the relationship between live participatory culture and transmedia storytelling across multiple platforms with an exciting lineup of LARPs, ARGs, pervasive games, and transmedia experiences.

October 2014

4 October – 5 October

Just A Game Con – Fall

Corvallis, OR (between Salem and Eugene, OR)

Matt’s Cavalcade of Comics’ game convention featuring, card games, board games, role playing games, anime, and video games.

10 October – 12 October

Tactical Solutions

Spokane Valley, WA 99216 (Spokane area)

Historical Miniatures Gaming Convention with limited non-historical minis events.

11 October – 12 October


Seattle, WA

Multigenre convention. From their website: GeekGirlCon celebrates and honors the legacy of women contributing to science and technology; comics, arts, and literature; and game play and game design by connecting geeky women worldwide and creating community to foster continued growth of women in geek culture through events.

17 October – 19 October

Big Bad Con

Oakland, CA 94621 (San Francisco Bay area)

From the organizers: RPG and LARP Convention and Charity Event! Big Bad Con hosts amazing GMs including Jason Morningstar, Carl Rigney, Todd Furler, Luke Crane, Ryan Macklin, Shaun Hayworth, Josh Roby, and Leonard Balsera, running a ton of awesome RPGs and LARPs. All sign up for games are done in advance, so you can get all the con you want with none of the stress. Big Bad Con supports Doctors without Borders, Alameda County Community Food Bank, and Child’s Play. Attendees must be 18 or older.

18 October – 19 October

Portland Retro Gaming Expo (PRGE)

Portland, OR

Retro video game convention.

? October – ? October


San Diego, CA

SciFi and Fantasy Convention with some gaming.

? October – ? October

Monster Con

Yakima, WA (central Washington)

Annual gamer convention focusing on horror games of all types.

? October – ? October

[CANCELED] Steamcon

Bellevue, WA (Seattle area)

Steampunk Convention with a gaming track.

November 2014

6 November – 9 November

AmberCon Northwest

Troutdale, OR (Portland area)

Annual role playing convention devoted to Roger Zelazny’s worlds of Amber using the Amber Diceless RPG (has other diceless events as well as indie RPGs).

7 November – 8 November (Fri-Sat)


Anaheim, CA

Annual video game convention focusing on games by Blizzard Entertainment. From their website: In addition to serving as a gathering place for Blizzard Entertainment gaming communities, BlizzCon will offer attendees a chance to enjoy: Hands-on play time with the latest versions of Blizzard Entertainment games, Global finals for Blizzard eSports, featuring top pro gamers from around the world, In-depth discussion panels with Blizzard game developers and artists, Competitive and casual tournaments for players to showcase their talents, Community contests with great prizes, Commemorative merchandise based on Blizzard Entertainment’s game universes, and more!

? November – ? November (Fri-Mon)

ConQuest Avalon

Sacramento, CA

Fall game convention put on by the same people who run Conquest SAC in the spring.

? November – ? November


Tukwila, WA (Seattle area)

From their website: ZOECon is an exclusive film and gaming convention – only 250 tickets are available! – in the Pacific Northwest. We will have many great gaming options, screenings, panels with local film and game personalities, and will even be filming a movie! ZOE’s focus on fan supported and creator distributed entertainment will ensure three days packed with independent games, films, and literature that were created through the passion and dedication of fans and creators. ZOECon is brought to you by Zombie Orpheus Entertainment.

December 2014


January 2015

23 January – 25 January

Comic Con Wizard World Convention – Portland

Portland, OR

Pop culture convention including Movies, Comics, Toys, Video Gaming, Games, TV, Anime, Manga, Horror, Wrestling, MMA, Original Art, Collectibles and More.

? January – ? January (Fri – Sat)

VGC (Video Game Convention)

Burbank, CA 91501

Video game convention. From the organizers: VGC shows the history of video game technology, you will get the opportunity to play every video game console from Atari, Nintendo, Sega, Playstation, Xbox, Panasonic, Phillips and many many more! VGC also has PC Gaming, from old school computer games to today’s high tech games. Workshops and Tournaments will be available as well.

? January – ? January


Seattle, WA 98188

From their website: Rustycon has a focus on literature, science, art, costumes, and gaming. After dark, many fen can be found enjoying the various parties and night time events. Join us as we explore the alternate worlds of the human imagination.

? January – ? January

Animation on Display (AOD)

San Francisco, CA

Anime, Cartoon and Video Game convention.

February 2015

13 February – 16 February


San Ramon, CA (Oakland area / Bay area)

Game Convention. From the organizers: DunDraCon features social games for all ages, including RPGs, LARPs, miniatures, cards, board games, etc. You’ll also find the Pathfinder Society, the War College, seminars, demos, martial arts exhibitions, dealers room, anime, kid and teen events, open gaming areas and more. The Bloodmobile will be on site on Saturday from Noon to 6pm. Come and bleed for the community! Advance appointments are available through the website.

? February – ? February


Pasco, WA (Kennewick area, southern WA)

SciFi / Fantasy Convention that also has gaming.

? February – ? February


Los Angeles, CA

Strategicon’s President’s Day Weekend Game Convention [see also Gateway (Labor Day) and Gamex (Memorial Day).

March 2015

13 March – 15 March

ConQuest SAC

Sacramento, CA

Northern California Game Convention with over 450 attendees.

13 March – 15 March


San Diego, CA

Science fiction and fantasy convention with some gaming.

19 March – 22 March


Vancouver, WA 98660 (Portland OR area)

Game convention with role playing games, board games and more.

27 March – 29 March

Emerald City Comicon

Seattle, WA

Comic Book and Pop Culture Con with gaming.

27 March – 29 March


Honolulu, HI

Anime Convention with video gaming and table top gaming.

? March – ? March


Anaheim, CA (Los Angeles area)

ComicCon’s spring convention featuring panels, comic publishers, presentations, multimedia presentations and a large gaming area.

? March – ? March

Independent Games Festival (IGF)

San Francisco, CA

Video game convention centered around independent video games.

April 2015

2 April – 5 April


Seattle, WA

Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention with both scheduled and open gaming.

? April – ? April

Just A Game Con – Spring

Corvallis, OR (between Salem and Eugene)

Matt’s Cavalcade of Comics’ game convention featuring, card games, board games, role playing games, anime, and video games.

? April – ? April


San Diego, CA

Gaming convention with board games, miniature games, card games, and RPGs.

May 2015

22 May – 25 May


Santa Clara, CA (San Jose area / bay area)

Science Fiction and Fantasy Con with some minor gaming and a Paranoia LARP.

? May – ? May

Gaslight Gathering

San Diego, CA

Steampunk and Victoriana Convention with a gaming lounge offering Minitures, board games, card games and more.

? May – ? May


Burlingame, CA 94010 (San Francisco Bay area)

Four day game convention.

? May – ? May


Los Angeles, CA

Strategicon’s Memorial Day Weekend Game Convention [see also OrcCon (President’s Day) and Gateway (Labor Day).

? May – ? May


Olympia, WA (Tacoma area)

From the organizers: Northwest Historical Miniature Gaming Society’s annual Memorial Day weekend miniature gaming convention draws nearly 300 attendees who participate in almost 200 events and connect with historical miniature gamers from throughout the region and beyond. The event includes: miniature gaming, retail vendors, a Bring and Buy, a painting competition, and more!

June 2015

5 June – 7 June

Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show

Seattle, WA

Arcade game convention. From their website: The show is a family friendly event that will feature over 300 pinball and arcade games all set on free play! Over the weekend there will be guest speakers and personalities from the world of pinball and video games, from designers and manufacturers to world record high score holders. The show includes vendors, tournaments, contests and give a ways.

19 June – 21 June

Comic Con Wizard World Convention – Sacramento

Sacramento, CA

Pop culture convention including Movies, Comics, Toys, Video Gaming, Games, TV, Anime, Manga, Horror, Wrestling, MMA, Original Art, Collectibles and More.

? June – ? June (Tues-Thur)

E3 Expo

Los Angeles, CA

Annual electronics trade show where many new computer and video games are demo’ed and released.

? June – ? June


University Union at Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, CA (Santa Maria area)

Central Coast gaming convention.

? June – ? June

Go Play NW

Seattle, WA

Role playing convention. From their website: Go Play NW is an annual RPG weekend where people come together to play indie, role-plyaing, story, board/card, and games.

? June – ? June

Seattle Retro Game Expo (SRGE)

Bellevue, WA (Seattle area)

Retro video game convention.

July 2015

? July – ? July


Sacramento, CA

Long running general Science Fiction convention with a large game area. Westercon moves annually within the Pacific and Mountain lists here on GCC.

? July – ? July


Redmond, WA 98052 (Seattle area)

Paizo Publishing’s annual game convention (with an obvious focus on Pathfinder and Paizo products).

? July – ? July

Gaymer X

San Francisco, CA

GaymerConnect’s annual geek lifestyle and gaming convention focused on LGBTQ gamers (was called GaymerCon last year). From their website: Gaymer X is open to all, whether you’re bisexual, transgender, gay, asexual or an ally and we hope to make an experience that will be meaningful as well as educational and fascinating.

? July – ? July

California Extreme

Santa Clara, CA (San Jose area / bay area)

Retro video game convention. From their website: California Extreme is the “Classic Arcade Games Show”. It’s an annual celebration of coin operated pinball machines, video games and other novelties you once found in game arcades. All games on display are set for free play, so leave your quarters in the ash tray in your car. You won’t need ’em.

? July – ? July


San Diego, CA

Gamer convention. From their website: Gam3rCon celebrates all forms of interactive gaming, from dice, cards and tabletop games, to the latest innovations in video games. Taking place in downtown San Diego the same week as Comic-Con International.

? July – ? July

Comic Con International: San Diego

San Diego, CA

Largest Annual Comic and Pop Culture Convention with celebrities, panels, anime, art show, masquerade, some open gaming and more.