Capital Region (DC, DE, MD, VA, WV)


Here is the complete list of every game convention in the Capital region (DC, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia) for the next 12 months. Are we missing any conventions? If so, please use our Add a Game Convention Form.

Cons towards the bottom may have ?-month as their start date. ? – denotes that the exact calendar dates for this convention haven’t been released as of yet. The month is the month of the previous year’s convention and both will be updated when more information is available. Conventions that start at the end of one month and end at the beginning of the following month will be listed under the month of their start date.


August 2014

15 August – 17 August


Charlottesville, VA 22901

From the organizers: Central Virginia Anime and Gaming Convention, featuring 24/7 tabletop, LAN, console, anime, and a newly-added arcade. Tournaments with thousands in prizes… League of Legends, Super Smash Bros, Street Fighter IV, Magic: The Gathering, Warhammer. We also have panels, a costume contest, a dealer room and artist alley, a Vampire: The Masquerade LARP, VR stations, an Artemis bridge, and much more.

16 August – 17 August

Video Gamers United

Washington, DC

Video game convention. From the organizers: VGU is a gaming festival for video gamers of all genres and ages to come together and celebrate the culture of video gaming. We are bringing together the top gamers, developers and minds in the Video Game industry. Designed to bring the latest in video game news, tech, and accessories directly to the gamer, VGU-Con, will bridge the gap between the video game industry and video gamers.

22 August– 24 August


Rockville, MD (Washington D.C. area)

From their website: Geeky-powered Digital Media Convention and Conference . . . Gaming, Fan Suggested Geekery, Dance Parties, and unique performances like Super Mario Belly Dance.

22 August – 24 August

Guns of August

Williamsburg, VA (Richmond/Norfolk area)

Primarily miniatures games and board games but also role playing games at this annual game convention.

28 August – 31 August


Arlington, VA (Washington DC area)

From their website: Numerous Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer Fantasy, Warmachine/Hordes, Flames of War and other war gaming events fill the weekend, along with casual gaming, painting competitions, and a host of evening events ranging from socials to hardcore wargaming!

29 August – 1 September


Sterling, VA (Washington DC area)

From their website: TCEP features scheduled gaming events and plenty of space for open gaming. Enjoy the game libraries of your fellow gamers, or bring your favorite games and find players to play them!

September 2014

12 September – 14 September

Comic Con Wizard World Convention – Richmond

Richmond, VA

Annual pop culture convention including Movies, Comics, Toys, Video Gaming, Games, TV, Anime, Manga, Horror, Wrestling, MMA, Original Art, Collectibles and More.

27 September – 28 September

Congress of Gamers

Rockville, MD 20850 (Washington DC area)

Board game convention with Euro tournaments, miniatures, racing games circuit, and a game design workshop.

? September


Roanoke, VA

An educational science fiction, fantasy and horror convention with some gaming.

October 2014

24 October – 26 October


Charleston, WV

West Virginia Game Convention with open board gaming, qualifiers for both the Catan and Ticket to Ride world championships, RPG events (including Pathfinder, Sparks, Shadowrun and many others), collectible games like Magic and Heroclix, live action RPGs run by NERO, a costume contest and more.

? October – ? October


Gaithersburg, MD (Washington D.C. area)

Small literary convention with a small gaming track.

? October – ? October

DC Gameday – Fall

Washington, DC

Semi-annual game convention. From their website: Join fellow adventure, storytelling, and roleplaying gamers in the nation’s capital for a fun-filled day of games. The event is free to all participants thanks to the generous support of the gameday organizers.

November 2014

7 November – 9 November


Hampton, VA (Norfolk area)

Anime / Cosplay convention with video and tabletop gaming.

? November – ? November


Pikesville, MD 21208 (Baltimore area)

Board game convention. From the organizers: EuroQuest is in it’s 10th year of bringing classic Eurogames and hot new boardgame titles to you in a challenging mix of Tournaments, Open Gaming and our unique Wild Card event. Our tournaments are sanctioned by the Boardgame Players Association and winners and top finishers receive Laurels in the BPA system. Our Wild Card event includes 18 different games and features hot new games such as Castles of Burgundy, Last Will, Lords of Waterdeep, Ora et Labora, Trajan, Troyes, Village and this year’s Hot New Wild Card game: Aeroplanes: Aviation Ascendant. Players play a wide variety of games and compete for an overall trophy.

We also have demos scheduled for Blood Bowl: Team Manager, Castle Dice, Thunder Alley, Viva Java: The Coffee Game, and Article 27; The UN Council Game. In addition, we will have the designers for Sekigahara and Tin Goose, Lords of Baseball, Chicken Caesar, Mars Needs Mechanics, Manifest Destiny, Entrepreneur on hand to talk about their games. Some of these games are recent hot releases and Essen releases, but several haven’t hit the market yet… so get in on the ground floor and learn them before anyone else in your group!

December 2014


January 2015

? January – ? January


National Harbor, MD 20745 (Washington DC area)

Music and Video Game Convention. From their website: Every year offers 24-hour console, arcade, and PC game rooms, live video game cover bands, a vendors area, and guest speakers from the video game industry and fan scene. It also features a “JamSpace” available to all attendees for impromptu music performances. Numerous other events are scheduled each day.

? January – ? January


Williamsburg, VA (between Richmond and Norfolk)

SciFi Con with minimal gaming and a LARP.

February 2015

? February – ? February

Williamsburg Muster

Williamsburg, VA (between Richmond and Norfolk)

Primarily miniatures games and board games convention.

23 February – 1 March (Mon – Sun)


Charlottesville, VA 22901

Board game and war game convention with over 90 tournaments.

27 February – 1 March


Roanoke, VA

SciFi, Fantasy and Pop Culture con with gaming (open and scheduled) area.

March 2015

? March – ? March

GAD-CON (Games and Dice Convention)

Baltimore, MD 21236

Annual gamer convention featuring board games, collectible trading card games, role playing games, miniature games, a dealers room, silent auction and more.

? March – ? March


James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA

From their website: We are primarily a gaming convention, running tournaments of all kinds, but we also draw a lot of costumers, college students and general fandom from the Science Fiction and Fantasy crowd. And of course, we have all the normal things you’d expect at such a convention: art, vendors, auctions, panels, speeches, etc. We support a charity in our area as well, the Wildlife Center of Virginia, and they put on a great show with their birds of prey every year.

? March – ? March

DC Gameday – Spring

Washington, DC

Semi-annual game convention. From their website: Join fellow adventure, storytelling, and roleplaying gamers in the nation’s capital for a fun-filled day of games. The event is free to all participants thanks to the generous support of the gameday organizers.

April 2015

3 April – 5 April


Rockville, MD (Washington D.C. area)

[This convention will return in 2015.] Anime and Gaming convention that has both video gaming and tabletop gaming. From their website: T-MODE is where Asian, western, and urban pop culture collide into a completely fun and unique convention experience. We celebrate the fusion of anime, gaming, music, cosplay, and all things otaku.

17 April – 19 April


Winchester, VA 22601 (Northern VA)

Gaming convention run by 1d4cast in the Northern Virginia area.

24 April – 26 April


North Chesterfield, VA (Richmond area)

Sci Fi and Fantasy Convention. From their website: Join our guests for panel discussions and workshops that can only happen at RavenCon! Workshops, Gaming Room open 24/3, an ever expanding list of Guests, Charity Auction, The FuMP, Groups and Organizations, lots of great stuff in the Dealer’s Room, Con Suite, spontaneous laughter and general merriment.

? April – ? April


Richmond, VA

From their website: DollarCon is Richmond’s own board gaming convention. Hosted by the members of the Richmond Boardgamers Yahoo! Group, we invite all fellow gamers from around the state to join us in a great weekend of boardgaming goodness!

May 2015

? May – ? May

Game Days

Timonium, MD 21093 (Baltimore area)

Four days of open gaming!

June 2015

July 2015

? July – ? July


Fredericksburg, VA 22401 (Northern Virginia)

Annual Historical War Game Convention.

? July


Wytheville, VA (Southwestern VA)

SciFi Convention with open gaming and computer / video gaming.