UK / Ireland


Below is a complete convention calendar listing every gaming convention in the UK and Ireland for the coming year. We’ve done our best to list them all, but if any are missing, please submit them using our Game Con Submission Form.

For those traveling from the US to one of these conventions a couple of terms are different in British vs. American. Vendor is trader, figure(s) can be used for both miniature(s) and war game, a booth is a stall, Sat-Nav is a GPS device, and finally, we’ve seen Freeform used to mean both LARP and open gaming. Nothing too major, but worth noting.

Some of the conventions at the bottom of the list have ?-month as their start date. ? – shows that the dates for this convention haven’t been published as of yet. The month is the same month as the previous year’s convention and we’ll update them when the new dates are published.

Conventions that start in one month (say, on the 30th) and end in the next (say on the 1st) are listed under the month of their start date.


August 2014

8 August – 10 August

Nine Worlds GeekFest

London, UK

Multigenre convention. From their website: It’s about gaming, film, cosplay, fandom, literature, science, geek culture, meeting people and having a really big party.

8 August – 10 August


University of Warwick, Coventry, UK

Social/Video game convention. From the organizers: Gemucon is an 18+ social convention centered around video games. You can hang out with your friends, play video games, watch events, take part in tournaments, and attend various parties!

9 August – 10 August

The Cast are Dice

Stoke-on-Trent, UK (central UK)

Weekend board game convention.

15 August – 17 August

Grand Tribunal UK

Cheltenham, England (between Birmingham and Bristol)

Game convention focusing on the Ars Magica system.

23 August – 24 August

Shadow Con

West London, UK

Shadow Warrior’s annual game convention.

30 August


Cambridge, UK (eastern England)

Anime, SciFi, Comics, Manga and Gaming Convention.

September 2014

4 September – 7 September


Leicester, Leicestershire, UK (central England)

Primarily anime convention with role playing and video gaming.

20 September


Newport, Wales, UK (Cardiff/Bristol area)

Board, role playing and war games convention held to support the Barnardos Young Carers charity.

20 September – 21 September

Fayre Times Festival

Waltham Abbey, Essex, UK (London and South East England)

From their website: Multi-hobby festival covering table top roleplaying; live action role playing, re-enactment, science fiction, enthusiasts, free formers, war gamers, cosplayers, laser tag, paint ball and airsoft groups. We will also have in attendance a number of actors and authors from the fantasy, sci-fi and horror genres. We will also be inviting pagan and new age groups to participate.

25 September – 28 September

EGX London [formorely Eurogamer Expo]

Earls Court, London, UK

Console, computer, video game convention with indie games, cosplay, retro games, board games and more.

October 2014

4 October – 5 October

Game Expo Scotland

Edinburgh, Scottland

Video game convention. From the organizers: A 2 day consumer expo which will showcase a diverse range of games all under one roof. A mixture of competitions, features, displays, retro games, presenter sessions, indie games and the most anticipated games for all platforms will be on show at the all new Game Expo Scotland.

10 October – 12 October


Telford, Telford and Wrekin, UK (Birmingham area)

Game convention with mostly open gaming.

11 October – 12 October

Play Expo

Manchester, UK

Video game convention with areas for current gaming, retro gaming, sport games and cosplay. Console, arcade and computer gaming are all represented.

24 October – 27 October


Dublin, Ireland

Game convention with RPGs, LARPs, Wargames, CCG trounaments, and more!

? October – ? October


Sheffield, UK

From their website: Furnace is an annual role playing convention in Sheffield, around October, which is held in a converted gaol. Each year for six years 70+ people have come and enjoyed a relaxed friendly and yet game packed weekend amongst the seven hills of Sheffield.

31 October – 2 November


Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK (Southeast England)

Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror and Alternative Genres convention with a gaming area including RPGs, minis and boardgames. Convention also features a comic zone, charity auction, art exhibitions, cosplay, seminars, panels, movie screenings, steampunk parties and more.

November 2014

6 November – 9 November


Christchurch, Dorset, UK (Southampton area)

Game convention. From their website: Indiecon mission is to provide a friendly, relaxed and flexible gaming atmosphere where players can play new games, their favourite classic games and playtest the games of tomorrow.

7 November – 9 November


Derby, UK (Nottingham area)

Board game convention. From the organizers: MidCon is about playing games and meeting people. You can play any of the number of games people bring along with them, including the hot new board games from the Spiel games fair in Essen, which takes place just a few weeks before MidCon. Popular games include 18XX, Puerto Rico, Power Grid and Agricola, but you are welcome to bring along your own favourite games ­ you will almost certainly find some people willing to play at least one of them.

The convention features: the opportunity to play board games with other gamers, the MidCon general knowledge quiz for teams of 4 on Saturday evening, a games shop, and a Bring & Buy stall where you can sell your games, or pick up a bargain.

14 November – 15 November (Fri – Sat)


Hull, UK

Independent video gaming and content creation expo.

14 November – 16 November


National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Ireland (Dublin area)

From the organizers: Dominicon is NUI Maynooth’s annual gaming convention. Our event caters to fans of Arcade, Board Games, CCG’s, Consoles, LAN, RPG’s, and Wargames. This weekend provides opportunities for casual and serious players alike, featuring a range of custom prizes and vendors. All proceeds go to the Child’s Play charity.

20 November – 23 November


Christchurch, Dorset, UK (Southampton area)

LARP (freeform) gaming convention with a tabletop gaming portion as well.

21 November – 23 November


Dublin, Ireland

Manga and Anime convention hosted by the DCU Anime and Manga society. Offers some board gaming, CCG tournaments, RPGs and LARPs.

30 November (Sunday)


Halesowen, UK (Birmingham area)

Annual war games convention featuring trade stands, demostrations, gaming events and a large bring and buy.

? November – ? November


Gravesend, Kent, UK (London area)

From the organizers: RocketCon is a small game convention held in the Historic Three Daw’s Public House on the shores of the River Thames. RocketCon will have roleplaying games run by members of the Gravesend Gamers Guild and Thursday Roleplaying Club, an extensive library of borrowable board games and card games, and Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic the Gathering events on the Sunday. Come down and join us for a game, a chance to meet like minded geeks, and for the firework display Saturday Night!

? November – ? November


Farcet Fen, CAMBS, England (near Peterborough)

A primarily Pathfinder role playing convention that raises money for Sarcoma UK and TOFS.

December 2014

6 December


Kensington Town Hall, London W8 7NX, England.

One day role playing game, collectible card game and board gaming convention. From the organizers: Dragonmeet promises a day jam-packed with things for you to do. Whether you want to play old favourites with friends or to try something new, whether it’s attending industry panels, or having your books signed by the designers, picking up an art print of your favourite game book cover or indeed the original painting, making new friends and hanging out with fellow gamers – it’s all here! Dragonmeet has an on the day sign up system for demo and participation games: on the day you simply sign up for the games you want to play. We also have a full schedule of panels, seminars and other events going on throughout the day in addition to our great selection of traders and special guests!

? December – ? December


University of East Anglia, London, UK

Annual video game convention. From the organizers: It’s an event for adventure games and related genres, fans, developers and those just curious. Entry and exhibition space are free so if you are unable to donate to the event you’re still welcome to come along and meet some cool people and play some games. However if you are able we ask you support the event by either purchasing a VIP card that gives you a bunch of games and refreshments at the event, donate, or that you sponsor the event to promote your project or business.


January 2015

? January – ? January


University College Cork, Cork, Ireland

Annual war gaming and role playing convention.

? January – ? January


New Milton, Hampshire, UK (Southampton area)

Game convention on the south coast of England.

February 2015

7 February – 8 February

London Anime and Gaming Con – Winter

London, UK

Anime and gaming con. Offers video game tournaments, retro gaming, LAN gaming, anime screenings, CCGs, role playing games and more.

? February – ? February

Clonakilty Games Festival

Clonakilty, Ireland (Cork area)

A board game convention spread throughout the entire town of Clonakilty, Ireland.

? February – ? February


Guilford, Surrey, UK (London area)

Miniatures Gaming Convention.

? February – ? February

GEEK (Game Expo East Kent)

Margate, Kent, UK (southeast coast of England)

Video Game Convention. From the organizers: An event celebrating all things play, including a collection of hundreds of consoles, arcade machines and pinball machines through the ages.

? February


University of Leicester, Leicester, UK (central England)

One day gaming convention.

? February – ? March


Colchester, Essex, England (eastern England)

Small open gaming board game convention.

March 2015

? March – ? March


Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

Trinity College’s annual games con. From their website: Each year it has the usual mix of war games, rpgs and larps, ccgs and some great social events.

? March – ? March


Galway, Ireland (western Ireland)

Annual game convention in Galway, Ireland.

? March


Derby, UK (Nottingham area)

From their website: Con-Quest is a one day show packed with all manner of gaming activities and trade stands. Whether it’s role playing games, board and card games or miniature wargames, Con-Quest has them all, as well as trade stands offering everything from the very latest releases to collectables and hard to find items. Whatever your gaming needs Con-Quest aims to deliver!

? March – ? March

AmberCon NI (Northern Ireland)

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Game convention dedicated to Diceless Roleplaying Games.

? March – ? March


Birmingham, UK

From the organizers: Geek and oriental culture convention incorporating traditional gaming, computer and console gaming, and larping, amongst other events on costuming, prop making, anime, scifi, etc..

? March – ? March


Brighton, East Sussex, UK (southern coast of England)

PC and Indie Video game convention.

April 2015

3 April – 5 April


Edinburgh, Scotland

Game Convention with board games, LARPS and RPGs.

3 April – 6 April


London, UK

A multi-genre convention including gaming and special guests.

18 April – 19 April

Seven Hills

Sheffield, UK

Two day roleplaying game convention.

25 April


London, England

Miniatures war game convention with a large assortment of games and vendors (in american)/traders (in British).

? April – ? April


Dublin, Ireland

Annual games convention complete with boardgames, card games, roleplaying games, videogames, wargames, tournaments and more.

? April – ? April


Kennford, Devon, UK (Exeter area)

Games convention in southwest England.

May 2014

? May


Exeter, Devon, UK

Miniature games convention that has recently added Pathfinder RPGs.

? May – ? May


Milton Keynes, UK (between London and Birmingham)

War game convention.

? May – ? June

UK Games Expo

Birmingham, UK

Game convention with over 100 RPG events, as well as minis, electronic gaming, LARPing and board gaming.

? May – ? June


Dublin, Ireland

Annual gamer convention with RPGs, LARPs, Wargames and more.

June 2015

? June – ? June


Stockport, UK (Manchester area)

Wargame convention.

? June – ? June


Limerick, Ireland

Annual gaming convention with CCGs, LCGs, RPGs, Board games, wargames (including Warhammer, Battletech, Warmachine, Lord of the Rings), modeling, historical minis and much more.

? June – ? June


Queen’s University Belfast, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

From their website: Q-Con is the annual Anime and Gaming Convention hosted by QUB Dragonslayers, the Queen’s University Belfast Gaming and Anime Society!

July 2015

? July – ? July

London Anime and Gaming Con – Summer

London, UK

Anime and gaming con. Offers video game tournaments, CCGs, role playing games.

? July – ? July


Dublin, Ireland

Video game convention.

? July – ? July


Limerick, Ireland

Limerick Anime and Games Convention.

? July – ? July


University of Leicester, Leicester, UK (central England)

Board games convention with ample open gaming.

? July – ? July


Wiltshire, UK (southwest UK, between Bristol and Southampton)

War game convention.

? July – ? July


University of Leicester, Leicester, UK (central England)

From their website: Continuum is a three day, residential games convention featuring, but not exclusive to, games and worlds created by Issaries Inc and Chaosium though other games systems and/or settings are more than welcome! Attendees can participate in traditional table-top role-playing games, board games, card games, freeform/LARP games (large and small), discussion panels, and all manner of general silliness.

? July – ? July

PaizoCon UK

Aston Uni, Birmingham, UK

Game convention focusing on Paizo games and Pathfinder.

? July – ? July


Broughton, Flintshire, UK (Liverpool area)

Boardgame and war game convention. Has tournaments and open gaming. Admission overall is free but there are some tournament fees.

? July


Cambridge, UK

An eclectic mix of hobbyist and independent creativity – boardgame design, game development, art, music, and more.