Europe (Non-UK)


Below is a full game convention list of every game con outside of the British Isles (UK/Ireland) in Europe. If we are missing any game conventions, please use our Game Convention Submission Form to add them to our calendar.

Most of the conventions linked here have native language websites. Where possible we have provided instructions for how to change these sites to English. We do not know if any part of these conventions are conducted in English (if we do, we noted it) and it is your responsibility to confirm that for yourself (assuming of course you don’t speak the target language well enough to enjoy the convention).

Next, you may note that some of the conventions towards the bottom have ?-month as their starting date. ? – is a place holder since the exact dates for this convention haven’t been published. The month is the month of the previous year’s convention.

Conventions that span two months (i.e. start on the 31st of one month and end on the 1st of the following month) are listed under the month of their start date.


August 2014

(13) 14 August – 17 August


Cologne (Köln), Germany

Computer / Electronic Game trade fair. Open to the public August 14-17.

14 August – 17 August

Deutsche Cthulhu Convention

Castle Rieneck, Rieneck, Germany (east of Frankfurt)

[Page entirely in German.] – LARP (freeform) / role playing convention focused almost exclusively on Cthulhu themed games.

15 August – 17 August

KoMiCon – The Worlds

Koblenz, Germany (Rhine River valley)

Annual war game convention. [Main site is in German but The Worlds page is in English.]

20 August – 25 August

The Kraken: A Gaming Vaction

Schloss Neuhausen, Berge, Germany (north central Germany, between Hamburg and Berlin)

Biannual gamer convention. From their website: THE KRAKEN is five days of games and fun spent at a wonderful Château in former Prussia, Germany. Great cuisine, all-inclusive drinks, comfortable rooms of hotel standard, stunning gaming events and a marvelous venue make THE KRAKEN an event extraordinaire. THE KRAKEN is an international gaming event with time for both fantastic games and having a great time with fun people. The main language at THE KRAKEN is English.

21 August – 23 August

Gubbspel Galore

Gothenburg, Sweden

[Site in Swedish.] Games convention dedicated to miniature gaming and war gaming.

25 August – 30 August

Cardboard and Sun

Paros, Greece

BoardGame and Travel’s annual summer board games convention (vacation). This year they’re heading to the Greek Island of Paros. BoardGame and Travel is an affiliate sponsor on GCC and they have offered our users a discount. If you book by July 15 and use coupon code: GCC135 they will deduct 50 euros from the trip price. [Website is in English.]

September 2014

4 September – 7 September


Wroclaw, Poland (southwest Poland)

[Site only in Polish.] Science Fiction Convention. From their website: … the four day event includes meetings with authors, publishers and critics of science fiction, film shows, role playing, panel discussions, contests and games, promotion of books and fantasy games, exhibits graphics and painting, SF, and much more.

18 September – 21 September

Auf den Inseln, an der Küste

Otterndorf, Germany (northwest coast of Germany, near Hamburg / Bremen)

[Site only in German.] Small role playing game convention.

26 September – 28 September


Ringe, Denmark (Odense area)

[Site is entirely in Danish (event appears to be as well).] Role playing convention with a focus on freeforms (LARPs).

? September – ? September


Tampere, Finland (southwest Finland)

[click little UK flag for English.] Anime and role playing game convention with over 5000 attendees. Offers table top, computer and LARP gaming as well as anime, manga, and cosplay.

October 2014

3 October – 5 October


Lyon, France

[Website is entirely in French.] Based on Google Translate it appears to be an annual gaming convention with board games, card games, miniatures games, LARPs, role play and a fiction area where one can meet authors and illustrators of sci fi, fantasy, horror works (books, comics, etc.) [Double check for yourself, my French skills are non-existent.]

10 October – 13 October

Festival Internacional de Juegos Cordoba

Cordoba, Spain

[Site in Spanish only.] War game and board game convention.

10 October – 12 October


Kastrup, Denmark

[Site in Danish only.] Board game and role playing convention held annually at two schools in Denmark.

16 October – 19 October

SPIEL with Comic Action

Messe Essen, Essen, Germany (Dusseldorf area)

[Click the little British Flag at right of the menu bar for English] World’s Largest Game Convention with thousands of games and almost 150,000 visitors from all over the world! Comic Action is a Comic convention within SPIEL.

18 October – 19 October


Ghent, Belgium

[Site in English with options in upper right for French and Dutch.] Comics, Sci Fi and Anime festival with gaming, demonstrations, special guests, cosplay and more.

30 October – 2 November

Lucca Comics and Games

Lucca, Italy (northwest Italy, near Pisa / Florence)

[Site in Italian only.] Comic and game convention.

November 2014

8 November – 9 November

Braunschweig Speilt

Braunschweig (Brunswick), Germany (north central Germany)

[Site in Germany only.] Board game convention.

8 November – 9 November


Eindhoven, Netherlands (southern Netherlands)

[Site is only in Dutch.] Boardgame / CCG / Miniature games convention in the southern Netherlands.

14 November – 16 November


Suvilahti, Helsinki, Finland

[Click “in English” in the menu bar.] Board game convention.

15 November – 16 November

Darmstadt Spielt

Darmstadt, Germany (Frankfurt area)

[Site in German.] Family / Board game convention with a lending library of games and over 3700 attendees.

22 November – 23 November

Dreieich Con

Dreieich, Germany (Frankfurt area)

[Site in German only.] Two day gaming convention south of Frankfurt.

December 2014


January 2015

? January – ? January


Herne, Germany (Dortmund / Essen area)

[Site is in Germany only.] Free game convention.

? January – ? January


Leiria, Portugal (Coimbra area, north of Lisbon)

[Use google translate tab at bottom right.] Game Convention in Leiria, Portugal

? January – ? January (POSTPONED UNTIL 2015)

Cardboard and Snow

Yllas, Finland (northwest Finland)

BoardGame and Travel’s annual winter board games con (vacation). This year they’re heading to Yllas, Finland in Lapland. BoardGame and Travel is an affiliate sponsor on GCC and they have offered our users a discount for their August 2013 convention. We’ll update this entry if/when we receive the winter discount code. [If need be you can use the Contact Us for at the left to check up on this.][Website is in English.]

February 2015

12 February – 15 February


Scandanavia (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland)

Knutepunkt/Knutpunkt/Knudepunkt/Solmukohta is a roving convention that alternates across Norway (Knutepunkt, Sweden (Knutpunkt, Denmark (Knudepunkt and Finland (Solmukohta

? February – ? March


Västerås, Sweden (west of Stockholm)

[Site only in Swedish.] LARP Convention.

March 2015

7 March – 8 March

Bremer Spiele-Tage

Bremen, Germany

[Site entirely in German.] Game convention at a local community college featuring over 1500 games!

? March – ? March

Made in Asia

Brussels, Belgium

[Site is in French and Dutch] Anime, Manga, and Gaming convention dedictate to asian culture.

? March – ? March


Ponzan, Poland (western Poland)

[Click British Flag on right side of top menu bar.] Multigenre fan convention. From their website: …over 500 hours of program, a wide range of topics over a variety of areas, numerous Guests and Authors, abundance of shopping stands, enchanting RPG and LARP games, a huge gaming zone Pyrkon is a must-visit for every science-fiction, fantasy, speculative fiction, horrors, comics, games and well… pop culture fan!

? March – ? March


Tetange, Luxemburg (south of Luxemburg City, north of Metz, France)

[We linked to their English site, click the flags in the upper right corner for German or French.] From the organizers: LuxCon is a Festival of the fantastic aimed to bring fans of all aspects of science fiction, fantasy & horror together and celebrate their love for film, TV, literature, art, and of course games. Local gaming club Spillfabrik will be on hand to demo oldies and goldies of fantastic themed games. They will be joined by the Ludobus crew, the gamers of ‘Le Cercle d’Alea’, and Ulisses Spiele from Germany. Pegasus Spiele have declared their interest in supporting the event which will also play host to a WH40K Apocalypse Über-Battle, an X-Wing Miniatures Tournament, as well as other fun stuff.

April 2015

1 April – 5 April


Hobro, Denmark (northern Denmark)

[Click English in the top right corner.] From their website: In addition to role-playing games, boardgames, card games and workshops, there is also a nice cafe with espresso and special beers, a bar, an alcohol-free youth lounge, and much more.

11 April – 12 April


Modena, Italy (northern Italy, Bologna area)

[Site in Italian only.] Italian Game Convention.

15 April – 18 April (Wed – Sat)

International Board Game Studies Colloquium

La Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland

Annual colloquium of the Board Game Studies Association. Previous colloquia have been held in Austria, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, the UK and USA. The BGSA is an international, interdisciplinary, and informal group of academics and field researchers devoted to the history and development of board games throughout the world. Its members meet and communicate regularly with one another, but there is no formal membership structure or subscription or central address. The Association holds research seminars every year, usually in April, meeting each time in a different country. They are occasions on which scholars, academics, curators, and others involved in games research in the international community share thoughts and findings on various aspects of board games and their study. Participants include archaeologists, anthropologists, historians, psychologists, educationalists, authors, game inventors, collectors, and representatives of games publishers and manufacturers. Papers arising out of the colloquia are published in its journal “Board Game Studies”.

? April – ? April

Ratingen Spieletage

Ratingen, Germany (Dusseldorf area)

[Site is entirely in German.] Two day game convention in Ratingen Germany. Over 2300 attendees.

? April – ? April


Gothenburg, Sweden (southwest Sweden)

[Website in Swedish only.] From their website: GothCon is an annual gaming convention in Gothenburg for those who like role, board, figure or card games.

? April – ? April

Ciudad de Arkham

Cordoba, Spain

[Site entirely in Spanish.] Game Convention.

? April – ? April


Ankara, Turkey

From the only English on their website: Organized by METU Science Fiction and Fantasy Society, METUCON holds this year for 16th time! With tabletop RPGs and LARPs in all kinds of settings and system, various activities, attractive books for all tastes, miniatures, ornaments and costume party, METUCON gives opportunity to all Sci-Fi and Fantasy fans came from all over Turkey to make unforgottable memories!

? April

Antwerp Convention

Antwerp, Belgium

From their website (entirely in English): Antwerp’s first big convention of fans and creators of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. Including literature, movies, computer games, boardgames, costumes, toys, statues, posters and other media.

? April – ? April

Hannover spielt!

Hannover (Hanover), Germany

[Website in German.] [On hiatus for 2014]From the con organizers: Hannover spielt! is a classic all around gaming convention with lots of rpgs, table tops and also board and card games.

May 2015

1 May – 3 May

La Fete du Jeu

Saxon, Switzerland (southwest Switzerland, Verbier area)

[Site only in French or German.] Game Convention in the medieval village of Saxon.

16 May – 17 May

RPC Germany

Cologne (Köln), Germany

[Site in German, click British flag on top right for English.] Role playing convention including RPGs, LARPS, and computer gaming as well.

22 May – 25 May

Eternal Con

Castle Stahleck, Bacharach, Germany (Rhine River valley, between Koblenz and Wiesbaden)

From their website: The Eternal Convention is an international and family friendly RPG Con with 50% foreign guests from about a dozen different countries all over the world. It is no surprise that English is the dominant spoken language.

? May – ? May

Indie Gameleon

Groningen, the Netherlands

[Site in Dutch, click English in the main menu bar.] Video game developers convention. Convention for developers and players of independent video games. All lectures will be in English.

? May – ? May


Ulm, Germany

Historical war game convention in southern Germany. [Site is entirely in German but there is an English flyer for the event as well.]

? May – ? May


Izmir, Turkey

[Site is entirely in Turkish.] Game Convention in Turkey.

? May – ? May


Linz, Austria

[Site is entirely in German] Game convention.

? May – ? May

[Postponed Indefinitely] Ukrainian Game Fair Igrosfera

Lviv, Ukraine (western Ukraine)

[Click Eng in top right for English.] Board game trade show.

? May – ? May


Paris, France

[Site is entirely in French.] Festival of cultures of the imagination with five districts, each representing a facet of geekdom: Little Tokyo (anime/manga/Japanese culture), Nautilus (steampunk), Avalon (medieval fantasy), Metropolis (scifi/comics), and Teklab (real world science/video games). Offers over 180 exhibitors, nearly 500 speakers as well as artists, designers, meetings, conferences, games, panels, and more.

? May – ? May

TIG Con (Transylvania International Game Convention)

Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, Romania (northwest Romania)

[Web link is to their English page.] From the organizers: Annual game convention in Transylvania, including board games, role play area, Cosplay, meetings with publishers and your favorite authors.

? May – ? May


San Marino (landlocked country in eastern Italy)

[Scroll down and look for “English Version” link.] From their website: The SAN MARINO CON is an international convention dedicated to table games, in particular historical simulation games, sports and financial (Board-wargames, boardgames and wargames).

? May – ? June


Linköping, Sweden (southern Sweden)

[Site in Swedish only.] From their website: LinCon is a gaming convention in Linköping for anyone interested in roleplaying, board games, card games, shape games, LARP, or similar activities.

June 2015

12 June – 14 June


Hamburg, Germany

[Site is only in German.] Game Convention with RPGs, LARPs, board games and more!

? June – ? June


Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Role playing convention held annually in a bar in Amsterdam. Registration is free and the language of the con is generally in English (as is their entire website).

? June – ? June


Oslo, Norway

[click small British flag on right side for English info.] Norwegian game convention.

July 2015

? July – ? July

FLIP (Festival Ludique International Parthenay)

Parthenay, France (western France, Poitiers area)

[Site entirely in French.] Ten day game festival throughout the town of Parthenay France. Different types of games are set up in different ‘villages’ (areas) of the town.

? July – ? July


Bonn-Bad Godesberg, Germany (Cologne area)

[Site in German only.] Role playing convention with over 300 events.

? July – ? July


Espoo, Finland (Helsinki area)

[Select “In English” on the menu bar for English.] From their website: Ropecon offers a variety of programming and activities covering the width and breadth of the hobby gaming field, including tabletop and live action roleplaying games, board games, miniatures and collectible card games. In addition to an abundance of gaming, we are proud to offer a selection of lectures and workshops, dance balls, boffer tournament and a bunch of other programs that do not require skills in the Finnish language. Mostly the program is held in Finnish, but there will be a number of program items that are either in English or at the very least do not require Finnish.